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How much is Car Insurance for 18 Years Old Teen

Updated on July 8, 2016

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Car Insurance for 18 Years Old

When you are a teenager looking for a car, you must have been wondering how much is car insurance for 18 years old.

In this age, you are legal to drive, and in many countries, you are also able to sign a contract. That is why you are in slightly better position than somebody who is 16 years old.

Why am in a better position when I am 18?

If you were trying to get car insurance when you were 16, you know that you couldn’t legally sign any of the papers. That is why you only had a chance to be added to an existing insurance in your family, in order to get any protection for your car. That is why in this situation you will be obligated to share the policy and the car with somebody from your family.

However, sharing your policy with your family member is always the best choice when you are a teenage driver.

On the other hand, being 18 makes no difference when it comes to a price of the premium.

How much is car insurance for 18 years old and how can I make it more affordable?

When you are looking for car insurance for 18 years old male, you will be finally able to obtain your own car insurance policy. However, when it comes to price, there will be no difference.

Car insurance for teenagers is usually very expensive. The main reason is that statistics show that drivers in their younger years are more likely to be involved in car accidents. That is why you will be able to get the better deal only when you are in your late 20s.

This is not much about if you are good or a bad driver when you are a teenager. Even if you had few years of experience it will not mean a lot to an insurer.

However, there are few ways that you can lower down your car insurance premium.

Smart ways to lower down your premium

When you are looking for car insurance for 18 years male, you shouldn’t be asking how much is car insurance for 18 years old, because it is usually very expensive. A better way is to try to make it more affordable.

Getting informed how it all works and what you should expect will help you negotiate with car insurers. This is very important as not every insurer offers same deals.

Your current position is what you should be focusing on. If you are a teenager you should be searching more affordable rates, and trying to get a discount whenever it’s possible is one of them.

If you are a good student, it will help you lower the price. If you have any extra certificates for driving, show them you the insurer as it may be a good way to show that you are a careful driver.

If you protect your car from stealing and take care where you leave it over the night might be a good way to look less of a risk in insurers’ eyes.

Also, your situation is temporary therefore choose your car wisely. If you choose the one that is very expensive now, your policy may unaffordable.


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