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How to Actually Save Money

Updated on May 19, 2017

Think About it..

How to save money and make it in 3 years time

The problem with our society is that we look at the bigger picture and ignore the smallest ones. That money you spent buying that stranger a drink and the cab ride that follows could be the fortune you need to build yourself a small fortune someday. That $50 you spend on a stranger--save it. For every stranger you would spend $50 on, stash it into a savings. Every year, take that money and combine it with your tax return.

In two years, you will have enough to put a downpayment using an FHA Loan for a house. Buy a small house with payments that are near or slightly above your rent in a safe but busy area.

Rent the remaining rooms in your house on Airbnb.

Use that money to pay your mortgage and save the excess.

Each year, your principal balance goes down. The money you pay in tax and interest are deductible so you get a portion of your expenses out.

Every 3 years, you can save enough to repeat these steps.

In 10 years, you will have appreciated properties + live rent free + pursue the things you want to do.

Think about it this way. You earn $2800 a month. You save $250 a month. In a year you could have close to $3000. You combine that with your tax return which presumably would give you another $1000. Put a downpayment on a 100,000 home. Ensure the house fundamentals are steady, the aesthetics are not as important. Rent your rooms out at $50 a room and ensure you have stellar reviews. Your mortgage will pay itself. In year one, you could save what you use to pay in rent ENTIRELY!!!


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      danyalehubbard 11 months ago

      Would like to know

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      Alenapepina 11 months ago

      If you are planing your finance.Then I am sure you know what is long term investment.

      I am here to help and past this opportunity...long term investment in transport technology. Its pre IPO (2-4years) ...

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