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How to Be Ambitious Without Being OverZealous

Updated on October 13, 2014

Ambition vs Over-zealous

Most individuals have something they are passionate about in retrospect. For example, my passions are people and God. People also have interests, which is a step down from passion. The way to be successful is to merge interests and passions together, but how do one pursue ambition, the result of interest and passion, without being over-zealous?

  1. Be educated on your passion. By educating yourself on your passion, you know what elements of it you want to pursue. For example, if my passion is people, do I want to be a salesperson, media consultant, doctor etc. After education on one's passion then one can dive into generating interests based on that education.

  2. Generate a few specific interests. The way to doing this is knowing the things you are good at. Passion should fuel your interests. Passion is what makes your interest interesting. ( No pun intended). For example, if I decided that my passion is people, then I could pursue an interest in sales. Sales will then become one specific interest. Under sales, I might pursue another interest, i.e. real estate. But, everything starts with passion.

  3. Don't be over-zealous but be ambitious. Most people generate interests without passion and this is usually the reason they are overzealous. After formulating interest, trust that your passion will fuel income, happiness and fulfillment. When a person is not over-zealous they have ambition. Ambition is best achieved with a balance between interest and passion, but there should always be more passion than interests if you can't attain perfect balance. Remember, don't be a " Jack of all trades and master of none." Focus, focus, focus on passion while pursuing your interest and being overzealous will not be an issue.

Even an attractive face has structure
Even an attractive face has structure


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