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How to Earn Quick Easy Money Without the Internet

Updated on June 19, 2013

I'm sure you've probably read a thousand articles by now about the best ways to make money using Hub Pages, and other similar web sites. I read one recently that said the best way to earn money on this web site, is to write a hub about the best ways to earn money on this web site: entertaining, but obviously not very informative. While I won't disagree, however, that these sites may be profitable to many writers, I certainly wouldn't call it a quick profit by any means. Even the best writers on this site probably had to wait at least several months before earning any worthwhile profits. I personally have been a hubber for only a week, and I haven't earned one red cent yet. I'm fine with it, however, as profit or no profit, writing articles seems about as good a way to be spending my spare time than any. However, if you do need to earn a few quick bucks, or you simply have a lot of spare time on your hands, and wouldn't mind finding an easy way to make it profitable, without the internet or W2's, there are a few ways to do it. There's actually probably more than a few ways, but I'll only discuss the ways I've had successful experience with. By successful experience, I mean I earned some fast extra income using these methods, and none of them made my hair turn gray.

(1) Deliver Phone Books: This is one way of earning a quick, easy profit a lot of people are unfamiliar with, but a good number of phone companies are almost always looking for door-to-door book deliverers. They do this because it's a little less expensive for them than the packaging and postage involved with delivering heavy phone books to residences by mail. I'm sure you can recall opening your front door to find a thick, bulky phone book hanging in a plastic sack on your doorknob, or leaning against your door. I can assure you, the mailman didn't put it there, and it certainly didn't get there on it's own. If you have a vehicle, and a valid drivers' license, you could be making a profit delivering books this way yourself. It's good exercise, and it pays pretty decent as well. I made as much $150/day. Another good thing about this service is you can perform it anytime you want. You can work seven days a week, or one day a month: whatever you find is most convenient..there's no schedules or long-term commitments involved. Just remember, the bigger the city you do this in, the bigger the phone books you'll be delivering. If you don't like frequent trips back and forth from your vehicle, or carrying a small wagon along with you, (some deliverers actually do this), deliver smaller books in nearby smaller neighborhoods. I made my best income driving a distance to deliver books in small towns, oftentimes the areas in which deliverers are needed the most. As far as payment for this service goes, once you complete your assigned route, the managers will usually call a few random residences on the route you delivered to make sure you didn't just take a truckload of phone books to your home to burn. Once that's completed, your check is on it's way. I usually had mine within three days after my route was completed. It's a quick and easy profit, for honest, and oftentimes enjoyable outdoor labor;

(2) Drive Taxicab: If driving stacks of yellow pages around in your vehicle isn't your thing, try driving passengers around in a vehicle that's yellow. Believe it or not, since most cab companies stopped directly hiring drivers for fixed salaries, it's demanding business now in much the same way. A lot of these companies will fix you up with a vehicle immediately, so long as you have a clean driving record, and several years of general driving experience in the particular region they service. Be advised, some cities do require special licenses to drive cab, which may mandate a small fee or, at most, a couple of weeks of schooling, but a lot of cab companies will get you started right on the spot as well. If you've lived in the same city for more than five years, and haven't had any serious moving violations, you could be earning a profit driving taxi cab in as quick as a few days. Your service as a cab driver is how most cab companies presently make their profits, charging you a weekly or daily lease amount out of the fares you collect from your passengers. The surplus, of course, stays in your pocket. And if you have a lot of time on your hands to devote to this kind of work, it can be decent. After all expenses were paid, I earned as much as $900/week. You shouldn't have to find the majority of your passengers either, as most companies provide dispatch services, which you can utilize pursuant to your lease to obtain most of your business. While, much like delivering phone books, you do make your own schedules with cab driving as well, it is a little more of a commitment, considering the lease you have to cover before profiting, but it's good work if you're in between jobs, or going to school. It can be time consuming, but it's easy and exciting. You'll see neighborhoods in your city you never even knew existed, and meet hundreds of interesting people, (from all over the world, if you drive near an airport). There's no better way to get to know your area than by driving cab, and you can make a fairly respectable profit in the process;

(3) Donate Plasma: Here's an idea most people probably are familiar with, but hardly anyone has ever actually tried. I was amazed to recently discover that a lot of plasma centers out there are badly in need of donors. Are people really that afraid of needles? I've donated plasma a number of times now, and it's never been a negative experience for me. If you can handle getting a shot at the doctor's office, it's really not a whole lot different. You wait in line for a brief while, they take your blood pressure and your temperature, they guide you to a mat, poke you in the arm, you lie there for a while watching a good movie, or chatting with the friendly staff for about forty-five minutes as the plasma gets removed, they pay you, and you're out the door. The last time I donated I made $60 in a week for two donations, (the maximum amount allowed at the plasma center I visited). And it only took a combined total of four hours of my life for both donations. Plasma centers are typically open on weekends, and well into the evenings on weekdays as well, so you if you work a day job until five or six, you still have plenty of time to drive to the nearest center and donate. It's quick and easy money, and there's no internet involved.


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    • lukemike92 profile image

      lukemike92 2 years ago

      It's a kick ass experience if you do happen to get into it, btw. Work when you want, healthy outdoor labor, and cash payments. Much like postal carriers, however, you have to keep an eye out for dog crap! Hope it works out for you.

    • lukemike92 profile image

      lukemike92 2 years ago

      It's been quote a long while since I've delivered phone books, but back when I did do this I just ran a Google search for the nearest Yellow Book office location, at which I contacted a representative who informed me how to get started. I was delivering books within a couple of days after that. There was no application, interview, or paperwork. It was an extremely easy process. I can't guarantee it's still like that, however, as that was around ten years ago.

    • profile image

      Louis 2 years ago

      How and where do u get phonebooks to deliver?

    • lukemike92 profile image

      lukemike92 2 years ago

      I never suggested I could teach you to make money without working: I just said it would be fast, easy, and no internet involved. Driving cab fits the profile. It's typically easy to get started with, easy to do, and if you put enough time into it, the money will come fast as well. If you're searching for ways to make money while sitting at home doing nothing, well then I'm sorry to say but you picked the wrong article.

    • profile image

      Jj 2 years ago

      Dude... That's what you have to say... Taxicab??? Cmon

    • profile image

      Anonymous 3 years ago


    • profile image

      3 years ago



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