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How to Find Insurance Fraud Jobs

Updated on September 10, 2009

How to find insurance fraud jobs

Make sure you have the credentials.  Like any job out there you would want to be able to prove that you can do your job effectively.  If you don't have the skills, consider going to school to become a lawyer, private investigator, or any area of insurance.  These fields will definitely increase your chances at landing a few insurance fraud jobs.

Further on specific positions dealing with insurance fraud jobs.

Lawyers are perfect for insurance fraud jobs and are usually placed in a special program within that sector.  This program that they are a part of is put in place to make sure companies have filed claims in a legal way.  They are also there to seek any illegal activity and bring forth any evidence that can go against the company in focus at the time of judicial intervention.

Private investigators have to be on the watch at all times.  They go about watching anyone that have filed a claim to an insurance company and are not really in need of insurance.  For instance, person "A" said that he needed money for his leg surgery when really he leg was fine the whole time.  Private investigators find these liars and report them to the law.

These were just a few insurance fraud jobs.  Do more research to help you find more job opportunities.  Here are a few places for you to look.

Check Google. It is very simple to find insurance fraud jobs with Google support.  Type in "Insurance Fraud Jobs in 'YOUR CITY HERE'" and you will find a few listings that will potentially help you out.  Make a list of all the companies you find and start calling them.

Check Craigslist.  Look in the jobs section.  There are millions of employers wanting to hire a private investigator.  Keep a watch constantly because Craigslist jobs get filled up quickly.

Check your local newspaper.  Your local newspaper should have a classified section.  In the classified section, look under the career section.  Start reading about potential insurance fraud jobs.  You will eventually find one.

Ask an insurance company.  Look up certain insurance companies and ask them if they need help with insurance fraud investigation.

Hopefully this information will help your with getting insurance fraud jobs.  Just keep trying and you will find that job of your dreams.  Good luck!


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