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How to Find Pittsburg Steelers Checks

Updated on December 16, 2011

If you know what a “terrible towel” is and you bleed black and gold, then you are a diehard Pittsburg Steelers fan. A simple way to show others that you support your favorite team is with personalized checks. Whether you order checks online, or print your own checks at home with check printing software, you can still support the Steelers by having your own Steelers branded checks.

Order Checks Online

Online check ordering sites are a simple way to get personal checks attached to your checking account. Look for sites that sell checks with athletic themes, including those branded with the Steelers’ logo. Often times, the checks feature a background image of the team, the logo in the background, or the logo on one end of the check. Make sure that you only buy checks that guarantee secure order processing. You upload your banking information, or send a check to the site’s physical address and it sends back checks with your personal information on the front.

Open a New Account

Both PNC and Bank of America offer athletic checks for account holders. When you signup for an account, you can pick checks that are later delivered to your home. For customized checks like Pittsburg Steelers checks, you typically pay a little more, but if you are a real fan, then it is worth the cost. Bank of America even offers debit cards printed with your favorite team across the front.

Printing Checks at Home

Check printing software comes in kits that include the software you download onto your home computer and the magnetic ink required for printing. You can make any type of checks that you want with your home computer, including Steelers checks. Simply swap out the ink in your printer and craft your checks with the easy to use software. Use an image of your favorite players, the Steelers logo, or even a photo of you in your gear at one of the games. Many electronics stores sell the kits. You must correctly input all of your banking information onto the check form.

Your Current Bank

Your current bank or financial institution might have access to Steelers checks, especially if you live in Pennsylvania or a surrounding state. Visit the bank and ask for a copy of their check ordering catalogue. The advantage to using your own bank is that you can order direct and ensure that your banking information is properly printed on all of your Steelers checks.


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