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How to Find Refurbished Electronics

Updated on May 13, 2014

Finding a good deal with refurbished electronics can provide substantial savings compared to buying a brand new one. Refurbished electronics are actually new items that were returned to the retailer or manufacturer for one reason or another. However, knowing where to find refurbished electronics is sometimes more important than how much you saved. Shopping for refurbished electronics is just like shopping for any other item and each has its own pitfalls.

Refurbished Item

First place to look for when shopping for refurbished electronics is definitely the Internet. Go directly to the websites of electronic manufacturers and see if they offer factory-certified refurbished items. If you are looking for refurbished Apple products then visit and you’ll find a list of refurbished items. Surely, the discount is less attractive than those offered by outlets or third-party retailers but it’s a sure winner for quality and customer support.

If you did not find what you are looking for in the manufacturer’s website, then check online for outlets and third-party retailers. Online retailers definitely offer bigger discounts for factory refurbished electronics but you need to ask the right questions. Factory refurbished items that has been tested and re-certified and comes with manufacturer’s warranty is what you are looking for. Some online retailers with good reputation include B&H, Refurb Depot, Overstock, eBay, Best Buy, and Amazon to name few.

Last place to look for when shopping refurbished items is the store. Big electronic chain stores like Best Buy or GameStop have refurbished items but in limited number. While online retailers offer huge selection, shopping refurbished electronics from the store save you shipping cost. You can also ask questions directly to their staffs and get quick answers. Then there’s always the option to check availability online for refurbished electronics before you hit the stores.

Shopping for refurbished electronics can be a pain but rewarding at the same time once you’ve found what you’re looking for. Holidays are fast closing in and it’s a great time to buy something for yourself or your family at a significant savings.

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