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How to Flip Websites

Updated on February 14, 2013

How to flip websites effectively

Learning how to flip websites effectively can provide you with some considerable additional income. Flipping is the present day term that means buy low sell high. Thus, a website flipper buys websites at a low price, holds onto them, may or may not develop them further, and ultimately sells them at a profit. When done correctly, it can be an excellent source of revenue. The downside is that that you need ample capital to flip websites effectively. Flippa and Sedo are good places to find quality websites at a bargain. It is possible to buy a site at $ 1, 000 and then make minor changes on it at minimal or no cost and flip the same site for double the amount you bought it for within three months; not a bad proposition. Most sites can have their revenue increased by doing a little tweaking such as;

  • Changing the ad positions of Adsense ads – by simply changing the locations of the Ads, it is possible to double or triple the income.
  • Changing the Ad unit colors and fonts – ads whose color blends with the background of the website tend to do better than ads that stand out. Thus, if a website has a white background, you should configure the Adsense ads to have a white background as well.
  • Increasing the amount of ads – some websites may only have one ad unit and this may be not be very visible. Thus, by increasing the number of ad units on the web pages, you can increase the click through rate.
  • Keyword optimizing – some websites have good search engine rankings by virtue of age but Adsense income is low because the content is not written to target high paying Adsense keywords. It is possible to change the content slightly by including words and phrases that will deliver high paying keywords. Thus, by changing one paragraph,or even a sentence, your earnings per click can move from $0.01 to $1; effectively increasing the website revenue ten times.

Brilliant, isn’t it; this is how to flip websites effectively. So imagine if you had a capital of $ 10, 000 and you begun scouring online auctions looking for websites that needed just a little bit of tweaking, you could possibly quadruple your money within a year.


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