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How to Get Rich With Tesla Stock

Updated on November 17, 2017

Tesla Stock & Semi Truck

Inside a Tesla car.
Inside a Tesla car. | Source
Finally, the Tesla vehicle is expected to feature some autonomous driving capabilities, but it’s not clear to what level yet. The teaser image shows that there are no side view mirrors, which indicates either autonomous driving or at least cameras.
Finally, the Tesla vehicle is expected to feature some autonomous driving capabilities, but it’s not clear to what level yet. The teaser image shows that there are no side view mirrors, which indicates either autonomous driving or at least cameras. | Source

Get rich with Tesla stock

I read every article on Tesla that I see. They usually have an ulterior motive or miss a lot of facts. One motive is that a lot of money is invested in oil or coal so they do not want clean energy to do better. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, wants the earth to be only using clean and sustainable energy.

There is a saying, "Can't see the forest for the trees." If there were people who knew what stocks were going to do, there would be trillionaires. But there are not any. But when a stock goes up or down, they will tell you expertly why it happened. But they do not know. A lot of it is chance if a stock will go up or down the next day. The point is to buy a stock that will go up a lot in 10 years. Where do you think Tesla will be in 10 years?

Let us look at one country. Norway has 5 million people. Gasoline costs about $7.50 per gallon. Only 10% have electric cars. Of the electric cars, 90% are Tesla cars. Tesla just came out with a $35,000 car. How many people will buy one of them? Note that Tesla has already built a charging station 1 charge away from everywhere in Norway.

On November 16. 2017 they had news about the semi-truck. It can go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. Carrying 80,000 pounds it can go from 0 to 60 in 20 seconds. A truck can go at maximum up a 5% grade at 45 MPH. The Tesla truck can go 65 MPH. With 80,000 pounds it goes 500 miles without a charge. Hunt Transport and Walmart have ordered some of them-- will get them in two years.

September 30 Latest News

On October 26, they will be announcing the Tesla truck. See this for latest now. Tesla Semi electric truck to have 200 to 300 miles of range, says Ryder. It says:

Ahead of the launch of Tesla Semi, the automaker’s upcoming electric truck, a Ryder executive says that he met with Tesla officials and that they said Tesla Semi will have 200 to 300 miles of range.

August 17, 2017

This guy knows that Tesla is great but wants to write about what can happen with it called Why Tesla Might Fail. It says:

This alternative intellectual approach has led Tesla to make very different strategic moves than other automakers. The ultimate example, for me, is its decision to install full self-driving hardware in all of its production cars. In fact, it was not long after that announcement that I knew I had to own Tesla shares. I’ve been closely following the tech industry for a decade, and I’ve never seen anything so exciting, daring, and genius.

July 6, 2017 Update

Here is what people do not what you to know about Musk and Tesla. How do I know this? None of the people who write articles about this have mentioned this. They want you to only think of cars. But airplanes use a huge amount of gasoline also. They will tell you that environmentalists like Musk, De Caprio and Al Gore use lots of airplane gas.

I learned the following on Wikipedia. They say:

Musk has stated that the goals of SolarCity, Tesla, and SpaceX revolve around his vision to change the world and humanity.

In addition to his primary business pursuits, he has also envisioned a high-speed transportation system known as the Hyperloop, and has proposed a VTOL supersonic jet aircraft with electric fan propulsion, known as the Musk electric jet.[27][28]

You can go to Elon Musk in Wikipedia and it has links to the above mentioned so you can read all about them instead of reading that once Tesla has sold a few million cars it will be all done.

July 7, 2017 Update

The world's largest lithium ion battery will be installed in South Australia under a historic agreement between French renewable energy company called Neoen, U.S. sustainable energy company Tesla and the South Australian Government.

The deal will bring will also bring in other investments by both Tesla and Neoen into South Australia's economy, with the details to be anno unced in the future.

June 30, 2017 Update

Tesla first went public in July, 2010 just 7 years ago. It's stock price was $17 a share. Now its stock price is about $360. That is over 20 times growth in 7 years. Not bad! That is a fact. How over or under valued it is is an opinion. End of update.

Washington Post had a July 21, 2017 article called Why I Remain Optimistic About Tesla. It says:

Tesla has an advantage that many people don’t understand: It is much more than an automotive company; it is a technology company building technology platforms. With these, it is positioning itself to also become the leading player in the energy industry and sharing economy. It will bring the same integration, data analysis and elegance to these industries as it did to cars.

I have referred to my Tesla Model S as “a spaceship that travels on land.” It drives differently from any other kind of car, and is lightning fast, smooth and slick. To me, other electric vehicles, such as the BMW i3, the Mercedes B-Class, the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Bolt, all of which I have driven, seem by comparison to be a clumsy repackaging of old technologies. I have every expectation that Tesla’s Model 3, which I have on order, will be almost as good as my Model S, despite costing half as much.

In July 2016, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would use these technologies to enable a ride-sharing platform called the Tesla Network, through which owners will be able to rent out their cars as autonomous taxis, thereby recouping their investments and even making profits from their cars. As he explained, “Since most cars are only in use by their owner for 5 percent to 10 percent of the day, the fundamental economic utility of a true self-driving car is likely to be several times that of a car which is not.”

Buying stocks is a gamble but everything in life is a gamble. So only invest money that you have to lose. Some people have a problem with drugs so more money means more drugs. My idea is to let people who want to have a chance to help the planet have a chance to also make money. Most of the billionaires have most of their money invested in stocks.

First we will look at Elon Musk. He is a billionaire genius with a photographic memory. He is also the CEO of SpaceX. So NASA has faith in him to run the space program. You can't buy stock in SpaceX. He wants the world to use sustainable energy but does not trust other people to not destroy the planet. So he wants to create a colony on mars just in case we need it.

President Trump does not care much about the environment but he ran against Hillary Clinton who was a huge fan of fracking. Bernie Sanders makes saving the environment a priority. So if you buy stock in Tesla, you will be in business with Elon Musk. Also he created the hyperloop but left it up to others to develop it. He has also just created the Boring Company to bore tunnels for cars to travel in, if there is too much traffic.

Many people know that Musk is the CEO of 2 companies. Let us see how well you know the CEO of other companies. They say that besides Tesla, you should watch out for FANG. That is Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. The CEO of Facebook is easy. There is a movie about him and he is the youngest billionaire ever-- Eric Flabersham, I mean Mark Zuckerberg. The CEO of Amazon is also the founder of it-- Jeff Bezos. The CEO of Netflix is Reed Hastings. The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai. The CEO of Apple is Tim Cook.

These are fine companies but Tesla is changing the world. Do you want to be part of that and make money? Here are some facts. Their gigafactory in Nevada is the biggest building in the world. It has enough space to have solar cells and wind turbines to make electricity out of thin air and light. It is making batteries for the Tesla automobile. This will enable them to create batteries for less money and sell their cars for less money.

It also makes batteries to store the power that one produces from solar cells and use the electricity at night. They also produce roofs for houses that have solar cells in them that are invisible. Tesla already has a gigafactory in Buffalo, NY. They plan to create one in China and Europe. It has the powerwall, powerpack and solar roof.

Then they have rooms in these gigafactories where employees sit and throw 100 dollar bills into a fire to burn cash. Actually it is a lie. They do not burn any cash. They say that about Tesla to give you the false image that they do. Tesla does not make anything that burns anything that creates carbon dioxide. I used to be a chemist for the federal government so I know my chemistry. It is other car companies that creates cars that burn gas. That is as noble as having black slaves.

So what are they talking about Tesla burning cash? Do you think (this is what they are trying to get you to envision) that Tesla has stacks of $100 bills and employees throw them into fires? They are saying that Tesla pays its employees and uses its profits to create bigger facilities to hire a lot more employees. Some investors do not like that because they prefer that those profits go to them so they have more money to gamble away, to have more prostitutes to have sex with and more dead animals to eat.

Buying Tesla Stock

Now it does not matter to me how you buy Tesla stock but I give you an easy bank to deal with where you only pay to buy or sell a stock. There are no other costs and no minimums. In fact no matter how much a share costs, you can buy as little as you want by buying a portion of a share. First I give you articles to look at.

First up is a June 11, 2017 article called 10 Reasons to Buy Tesla Inc Stock and Never Sell. It mentions ridiculously loyal consumers, access to SpaceX engineers, the supercharger network. the gigafactory and market opportunities galore. The author does mention that his Tesla stock is up 700% so he has made 6 times more money on it. But the primary goal is to sell you a newsletter since that is where they make their money. The article above says about the market potntial:

An analyst at Morgan Stanley [leading global financial services firm with total assets of $815 billion] did the math and concluded that the answer was $15 trillion. For comparison, the Gross Domestic Product of the entire U.S. in 2015 was $18 trillion. Meanwhile, Tesla's total revenue in 2016 was $7 billion. Let those numbers sink in for a while.

Here is article from June 17, 2017 the same day this article was written called Tesla's stock is up 75% this year. That's not a typo. It says:

Most analysts have a favorable view of Tesla. An analyst at German investment bank Berenberg upgraded the stock earlier this week to a buy rating, citing a "near monopolistic" chance to be the undisputed leader in electric vehicles.

The Berenberg analyst lifted his price target to $464 a share. That's nearly 25% above Tesla's current stock price and is the highest price target for Tesla on Wall Street.

The stock closed today at the highest ever of over $308 a share.

The above is Capital One. You can do everything online and you can also call them and talk to them. It cost $6.95 to buy or sell any stock. They also have Sharebuider where you invest as much as you want. You determine the amount and by a portion of a share. You have this set up to go through on a Tuesday. It can be for one time, once a week, twice a month or monthly. The cost for this is $3.95 every time you do it.

Amazon was a book company only selling books. Now they sell everything and books account for only 4% of what they sell. Tesla Motors Inc was a car company. Now they sell a lot more than cars and changed their name to Tesla Inc. They now prevent brown-outs in Southern California, supply electricity to an island in Hawaii and supply electricity to part of Southern Australia.

Ron Baron is a billionaire who oversees $23 billion. A June 15, 2017 article on him by Market Watch that writes very intelligent articles has one called Billionaire predicts blue chips to double by 2030 ... and Tesla shares to do even better. It says:

Specifically, Baron shined his bullish light on Tesla. He said the stock could climb as high as $600 by next year and then all the way to $1,000 by 2020.

Tesla is the fifth largest holding in the Baron Opportunity Fund BIOPX, -0.56% which first bought shares back in June 2014.

“You could make 6% or 7% just investing in an index fund. Most people should do that,” he told CNBC during the interview. “What we try to do is do much faster. We try to double money every five or six years.”

I have another article called How Tesla Motors Stock is Like Amazon Stock. It says:

They are first in line in America of this new technology that is said to be a $2 trillion business that has $0 in business now. Tesla is a technology business.

I even had to look it up. It is called the autonomous taxi market. It is taxis that drive themselves. It can make it so it costs almost nothing to own a Tesla car. You can read all about it from CNBC on the article, Investors Who Say Tesla is Overvalued are Missing This Opportunity.

Billionaire Ron Baron's $300M Bet On Tesla

Capital One Investing 2016 Review

15 Things You Didn't Know About TESLA. This has many interesting new things about Tesla.


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