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Free Stuff: Where You Can Get Things For Free

Updated on May 17, 2013
You will be surprised by the many places you can get things for free.
You will be surprised by the many places you can get things for free.

Your Guide to Free Stuff

A big way to become richer day by day is to avoid paying for things. You can get things for free and invest the savings. When you don't pay for everything, you can become richer day by day. There are a variety of sources for free stuff, and it really does pay to be creative!


You can go to your local library and borrow books, DVDS, musical scores, and CDs for free. Our library has stenciling and other equipment for teachers. They have conference rooms you can reserve for meetings, as well as quiet study areas. Most libraries also offer the use of a computer and internet. You can even use them to get help on writing hubs and making money online. Just ask the reference librarian for the research topic you are interested in, and they will show you where to find the relevant information quickly and easily. Even if your own library does not have the book you want, you can reserve it through the inter-library loan system. This is a great way to look at a variety of books on different topics, and decide the one that is best for you. You can then buy that book, saving you hundreds of dollars, and the aggravation of having books that don't exactly fit your needs. This will also save you space, since you won't have to figure out how to store or get rid of all those books.


Publishers will often offer a free copy of a book in exchange for a review. Sometimes they will have drawings for a free copy of a book as a marketing campaign. You can also get free magazines. Just be sure to read the terms of the offer and cancel the subscription before you get any more.

How to Get New Books For Free


Manufacturers will often provide free samples of new products. Sure they are small, but it is nice to get something in the mail, and try out a new product. You can also get free products by combining coupons and rebates. Coupon site such as Money Savings Mom and Coupon Mom will show you where to find these deals. I found out about and received 275 printed photos from this site, all for the cost of a small shipping fee. When you have a product that you particularly like, it is useful to go to the manufacturer's website and sign up for their mailing list. You will often get free coupons and samples.

Fabric manufacturers also have websites that have a variety of quilt patterns that use their fabric. Designers will also often offer free quilt patterns and tutorials,


There are so many things you can get for free on the internet. Free movies and free television shows from Hulu and YouTube, free recipes, You can even get free money saving advice, free book reviews and, free movie reviews from me. You can get advice and information on almost any other topic you can imagine. Hubbers will enjoy the instructions on codes. Just put your search terms in your search browser and browse until you find the answers.

Bloggers also offer a great deal of free stuff. In addition to tutorials, free block patterns, free quilt patterns, and free advice, they often give prizes to people who participate in their events, or celebrate their milestones. You can often get free fabric and free chocolate, as well as a myriad of other items.

Social Networking sites such as Facebook are also great places. Many manufacturers have recognized the power of these sites and are offering free samples and items to get customers.

There are also many sites that offer free internet space for you to write to your heart's content, and possibly make money. Blogspot and wordpress offer places for you to share your daily life, and can join communities of other people who share your interests. These are great ways to meet friends from around the world. And of course, we can't forget Hubpages.

You can even take free personal finance and economics classes right here on the internet from universities and other providers.


No, I'm not advising you to abuse your friends' generosity, but you can often get free items by bartering your skills or excess things. Talking with people in your community, and with experts in the field of your interested topic will make them feel valued for their knowledge and will help you learn facts, and find things you need. This will help save you time and help you avoid stress as you learn from other people's mistakes.

You can also get items that people have finished using by the freecycle network. It is a great online network that links local people who post offers and requests for items. Someone will post an offer for an old television, for example, and some people may ask for it. The poster will choose who will receive it, and arrange for the requester to pick it up. Thank you for the reminder of this network, Pamela N Red.


There are many things you can get for free from the government. Grants, business loans, booklets offering advice on many topics, women's health advice including free calendar, and maps are just a few things you can get for free from the government, no matter your income.

Fairs, Events, Expos, and Shows

Many times if you attend an event that involves booths, you will be able to receive free items. Here in Columbus, I get free things from the Asian Festival, where they offer free cholesterol screenings, free blood pressure checks, free transcription of my name in other languages, and free Henna Tattooing. Health fairs, homes and gardens fairs, career fairs, and many other kinds of fairs, expos, and shows will offer free items. You will never have to pay for a pen again!

Food Stores

Trader Joes and grocery stores often have free samples of food. At many ice cream stores, they offer a free sample of an ice cream flavor.


Banks will sometimes offer free cash for opening up an account, free calendars,coupon books. Banks might offer free t-shirts and other gifts to students.


When you donate to a charity, you might get address labels, calendars or other gifts to encourage you to give more.

There are many other places that offer free things. By utilizing these free items, you can become richer day by day. I will be providing details on many of these places, so please keep checking in with me. Here is a current listing of all of my Millionaire Tips hubs.


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