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How to Get a Million Views on the Internet

Updated on September 4, 2017
Sit forward as your intense writing session begins
Sit forward as your intense writing session begins

Many Writers Here on Hubpage Has Surpassed the Million Views Stage

Hubpage's is where I spend most of my time writing. I have followed a lot of my fellow Hubpage writers. And, when I first started writing on Hubpage's the one thing that blew my mind most was that many of the writers within this tight nit online community have surpassed a million views on their channel.

The success as a writer comes when you wake up one morning three months since your last article upload to see that there are tens of thousands of views on your videos.

This has been the case for me now, as over the past 4 years that I have been a hubber on Hubpage's I have had long stretched periods of time when I would not be active on the site, at all. The views tend to spike on an article after a certain point, this can vary from one month to a year, etc. The more green the content is the longer it lasts on the top end of searches.

Hitting the one million views stage is like hitting the 100,000 thousand views stage as it all stands as a milestone mark of progression as a writer on the site.

The most recent hubber that I have come across on Hubpage's had hit the 1 million views mark and surpassed it into their next million views.

These hubber's have been so successful because they have written original, meaningful, helpful, interesting and fun content that has likely been at the top of certain searches now for some time.

If a Hub on Hubpage's is successfully retweeted out by tens of thousands of people then this alone can expand the reaches of the viewership for their online content.

Often, the look of the draw comes from a few of their articles, the ones that have been around the longest and received the support of the Google/Bing search engines.

The only step that needs noting down somewhere - all successful writers drink coffee
The only step that needs noting down somewhere - all successful writers drink coffee

Appealing to Google Search Engine is the Main Objective Behind All Posts/Articles

Google is the search engine that sees billions of searches made every day as young people seemingly spend half of their lives on the internet.

In truth, parents and adults are amongst some of the longest spent people on the internet each day as everything seems to be online nowadays.

The social media tool is perhaps the most powerful element to the marketing success behind your online content as Google will recognise all of these shares for your content and will favour your work over others on the internet search criteria.

This is why Google would tell the world that it is important to be unique, have your own voice on the internet, as this will be the power behind the shifting of your content around the web.

Those who have been successful in providing content online that hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions have seen, is the ability to tell their audience what they think about a subject area, position, or focus that means something to you as a content creator.

Every year the social media platforms on the web are becoming more complex, diverse and is used by the entire world.

A Hubpage's writer will be far more successful if they are favoured by Google's search engine as a leading mind behind their subject. The content therefore needs to be original, interesting, well laid out, and has to have the it factor for the world wide web to consider this information important when people are searching in relevant key words that match your content offerings.

Keep Your Content Legal - No Copyright Infringement

This is a simple factor to consider, but one that could be a problem if there is media sources used in your content that infringes away from fair-use of certain imagery, videos and sounds within your overall plater of provided content.

This is why when using imagery it may be worth noting to use CC (Creative Commons) images to play it safe. Any sounds or videos that you use on YouTube will also need fair use protection so that there is no backlash on certain sources of media that is present in your content.

I love coffee and I love video-games
I love coffee and I love video-games

Never Stop Writing About What You Love

If you are a writer like myself then the best advice that anyone could ever lend to you is to keep writing content that you love.

Writing about things that are to do with your educational degree, hobbies and other lines of work could be the writing that takes you to your first million views.

Variety is also a good thing to consider, as if you are a passionate writer then you might want to juggle your efforts between a hobby subject, and a line of work style of content as this will give your readers even more to pick out of your brains.

The key to greater views on the internet is having passionate content that is original from another writers content in a certain area of talk.

If you write an article/post once a day, once a week, once a month, basically sitting down writing every opportunity that you get then you will soon hear your voice taking you into the depths of subjects that you love.

Nothing fascinates me more than traffic on the web, and from all of my research that I have conducted in the past it seems that the most successful writers, video-uploaders and various other online entertainers are those who stick at it the longest.

The easiest thing that a writer can do when they first get started is step away because it feels overwhelming or as though there is no return on your time invested. The quickest quitters will be the first to never see their dream views count up. It is those who stick around whilst things are looking down that see the best views when it comes down to their content produced.


Are you new to writing online? Have you hit a million views or more writing online, uploading videos, or perhaps through doing something different? Be sure to let us know down below.


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    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 6 months ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      What a lovely article. I'm very glad that I found Hubpages 3 years ago. I might not get a million views some have, but then my topics are probably not among the most popular, but like you said. Write what you are passioned about is important.

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 6 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      I am new to hubpages and so far have six (featured) articles for a combined 3,200 views. Just yesterday I made the most in a day ever $0.22