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How to Increase Your Lensrank on Squidoo

Updated on September 6, 2012

Ways to Improve Your Lensrank and Make Money on Squidoo

Squidoo is a wonderful website that enables users to create articles for free and make money off of those articles. It is similar to HubPages, but with slightly different capabilities and ranking systems. Obviously, if you've come to this article you already have a Squidoo account and you probably have a lens created whose rank is struggling. I've been there. Over the past couple weeks I have been researching all of the different ways to increase a lensrank. I've applied all of the different techniques to my lenses and have seen a significant increase in not only my lensrank, but also the traffic to my lenses and my number of Squid Likes increased. Follow my tips to lift your lens to the top of Squidoo. If you don't have a Squidoo account, sign up here!

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The first thing you want to do when you publish a Lens is to bookmark it on all of the bookmarking websites you can. I immediately like on Facebook (which actually gives you points on Squidoo), Pin, Tweet, and Google+1 any new lens I publish. There is a website called SquidUtils that isn't affiliated with Squidoo but was created by a LensMaster as a tool for other LensMasters to not only bookmark their Lenses, but also works as an overall Lens helper (checking your backlinks and tags and whatnot). SquidUtils has this great feature that Pings your lens and lets search engines and blogs that your Lens has been updated recently. You can find the site here, and also download a toolbar and a Squidoo addon to really help your lenses.

The best website I have found for backlinking and increasing your SEO is called SocialADR. It is a free website, but you can sign up for a premium account. With a free account you basically do link trading with other people on the internet. They have a setup wizard that links you to 26 different social networking\bookmarking websites, which makes it super easy. SocialADR allows you to share 5 links in order to gain "credits" to share your link. I have seen a great increase in traffic to my lens using this website. The pros of having a premium account is that you don't have to share any links and your links will be shared automatically and more frequently. Sign up for SocialADR here.

Posting in the Squidoo Forums

Interacting with the Squidoo community is a vital part of not only gaining respect among other Squids, but also gaining views, backlinks, and Squid Likes. There are two specific boards on the Squidoo forum that will draw other Squids to your Lens. One is called the Critique Me forum, which is a wonderful board that lets you ask other Squids for advice specifically pertaining to your lens. it's the perfect place to get feedback from generous Squids in order to make your Lens all it can be. The other board is the Show and Tell board that lets you post advertisements for completed Lenses that you are proud of. There are several different threads within the board specifically for, say, Halloween Lenses or Lenses recently published or updated. While you're on the boards, be sure to drop by the Lounge to socialize with your fellow Squid and build a nice reputation for yourself. After literally one day of advertising on the Squidoo Forums I saw a 400% increase in Squid Likes, overall traffic to my Lenses, and Lensrank.


Updating Your Lens and Keeping it Fresh

The people at Squidoo HQ have said themselves that Lens freshness has a great deal to do with Lensrank. Basically that means that if you make a Lens and then never update it, it's rank will sink to the bottom of the internet. In order to make money on Squidoo, you have to be active. However, if you have a timeless Lens that doesn't really need to really be "updated" there are a few ways you can freshen up your Lens without actually changing anything or adding major content, such as adding keywords, placing new small modules like polls or Twitter search, improving the Lens's appearance with CSS, or other random small tweaks. Adding well placed Amazon and eBay modules are also great ways to update and further monetize your Lens.

Getting Click Outs and Making Sales

Click outs are how many people are clicking on the links in your Lens. The more click outs, the better. You especially want people clicking on the ads, but you always want people clicking on the links that you are actually directing them to in the Lens. My highest ranking Lens also has the highest amount of click outs. Sales from your Lenses also effect they are ranked, they give your Lens a temporary boost.


Gaining Points and Recieving Blessings and Purple Stars

While you're waiting for inspiration for your next Lens, start interacting around Squidoo so that you can gain points and level up. With each level you gain something new, and the higher the level you are, the higher your Lens rank is. You can also win trophies and that's neat. An awesome way to quickly and easily gain points on Squidoo is by participating in polls and quizes. Here's a Lens devoted entirely to taking polls and quizes. As most Squidooers know, Angel Blessings will give your Lens a temporary rank boost, but they aren't super strong. If you receive a Purple Star, your Lens will have a stronger, but still temporary, rank boost. To get either an Angel Blessing or a Purple Star, you must impress your fellow Squidooers (Angel Blessings are a lot easier to get though).


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    • FreWriter_57 profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing such an informative hub!

    • nicediabetes profile image


      6 years ago from Australia

      Great tips

    • MrAhmad profile image


      6 years ago from Edmonton, Canada

      nice tips!


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