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How to Live Sparingly When You Have So Little or None

Updated on January 26, 2012

Live within Your Means

What it means to live within your means? All of us would like to live a life of pleasure and easy. As long as it gives us much benefits either to ourselves or our family then a spend would be worth the while. Yet many of us do not know that it is also wise to spend within your means. Living within your means to spend wisely in the things we need and not the things we want. There are many things that we can want or like but it is not really useful to us as in we could live without getting the thing as well. A need meaning things like food, household expenses, transportation or so forth.

We live in a fast pace world now looking at things that are modern and of high technology. All of us long for a contemporary living lifestyle as well as a healthy one. Yet there are many ways to live these modern ways within our means. It is not hard to find ways and yet it is not that easy too if you are not creative or see the value in money. Hard earn money don't come by easily so therefore it is best to be careful when spending your hard toil money away like that.

So how do you actually live sparingly in the world we live in now with all the cost increasing and such? The choices we make and the way we live always depends on how we are being brought up and what values we live by. We could always head for simple home cooked meals or down at the hawker stalls or the local cafeteria that serves basically healthy and reasonable value meals. Fast food is cheap though it is not healthy so it is not wise to eat it daily. It is always possible to cook one time for the whole day's meal or a few days meal if you are okay with eating the same or just modify the meals by having some add-ons like carrots, tomatoes and even salad.

Besides having home cooked, you could also arrange a pot luck dinner gatherings with friends who could just prepare a one person's meal and then all come together 3 or 4 or even both of you could and would make living within your means not jeopardized yet have great food to enjoy. You could also get all the food and groceries vouchers and coupons through the discount sites either local or overseas which is available easily online. For example, groupon is available all around the globe.

If there is a will, there is a way

There is a saying that if there is a will there is always a way. Nothing is impossible if you only think that you are able and can do it because 'I'm Possible'. There is also the saying if you think you can you can, and if you think you cannot you are right too. Definitely, spending depends on each individual or family needs. There is no right or wrong yet it is how one survives in this fast changing world that keeps increasing in cost and living expenses. Live wisely now for a better future or rather to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the long run.


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