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How to Live Well Without a Car

Updated on March 16, 2011


How to live without owning a car by Chris Balish, is a great book to show that not owning a car does not mean not having a life. He shows you various methods he uses to accomplish his daily transporatation tasks without a car.

 This book is very inspirational and if you have any thoughts of getting rid of your car, you may very well do that after reading this book.  It talks not only about riding bikes but also about using public transportation, car sharing, taxis, and renting cars for long trips.

The book shows how to live a normal active life without compromise.  The methods he uses for transportation not only save a lot of money but allow you the adventure of interacting with the public on a daily basis.

You will get rid of your car if you have had any thoughts after this book.  No more registrations, insurance, gas, repairs, inspections, say good by to your car.


 This book is a must read for anyone thinking of ditching their car.  You will see how a white collar professional newsman has done it and done it well.


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