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How to Lower Car Insurance

Updated on May 13, 2014

Having a clean spotless driving record is one of the best ways to significantly bring your car insurance down. If you have no record for auto accident, speeding ticket, or citation for a moving violation then you are in a pretty good shape. Safe driving habits and defensive driving go a long long way towards lowering your car insurance cost and keeps you and your family safer. But if you are looking for more ways, here are some of the things you can look into.

Car Insurance
Car Insurance


Taking defensive driving course or traffic school is not only an excellent way to dismiss traffic ticket, but it is designed to tune up your driving skills and update or refresh your knowledge on traffic rules; therefore it can drive down the cost of your car insurance. Car insurance companies love safe drivers. The cost of taking the course is around $15 to $30 depending on your location. You can actually take it online in the comfort of our home. It can save you around $150 a year on your premium depending on the discount that your car insurance offers.


In terms of safety features, anti-lock brakes, automated seatbelts, daytime running lights, and airbags are still standard car insurance safety deductions. These safety features should be considered when buying a car because they are expensive to install once the car is already on the road. In terms of security features, car alarm systems, anti-theft, kill switch, steering wheel lock and vehicle recovery system will protect your car from thieves. If you have installed home security or constructed a secured garage for your car, you can negotiate a lower rate. These factors can lower car insurance premiums.

Take note that not all security and safety features of new cars can contribute to lower car insurance. Actually, auto makers create safety features faster than car insurance can test them and consider them deductions. Car insurance companies require several years to gather statistics proving the new safety feature reduces accident rates. So it is always best to ask.


The deductible is the amount you have to pay before the insurance company kicks in. Increasing deductible by $300 could lower the cost of your collision and comprehensive coverage by at least 20 percent. A car insurance policy with $1,000 deductible will cost considerably lower than with a $500 deductible. Just make sure that you can handle higher deductible financially.

Save on Car Insurance
Save on Car Insurance
Luxury Car
Luxury Car


It is more expensive to insure luxury cars or sports cars because they are expensive to repair, attractive to car theft, and not known for having a good safety records. Even old sports car can have high insurance rates. So if you are concerned about you car insurance premium, then consider getting low-profile or less flashy cars.


If you can take public transportation to work or a carpool perhaps to reduce your overall annual mileage, it will definitely help lower your car insurance premium. Many insurance companies offer low-mileage discounts for policy holders that have lower annual mileage than average people. Basically, the less you drive the less risk of getting into an accident and therefore the lower the insurance premium. Not to mention you will be saving on gas which is relatively high this days.


Examine your car insurance policy and understand what type of coverage you have. Check your state’s law regarding liability insurance and limits to have some sort of comparison with what you currently have. You could be paying more than you should have. On some cases, collision and comprehensive coverage is required but if you are driving an old car with low market value, you should discuss with your car insurance and consider removing them. Another important reason why you need to review your policy is to make sure there are no unnecessary drivers listed like adult children or roommate that no longer lives with you. There are circumstances where people living with you who can never drive your vehicle because it’s a stick shift or something especial but they are on your policy should be removed to lower your insurance cost. Finally, if you have a good health, life, and disability insurance, consider getting the minimum personal injury protection required by your state to avoid redundant coverage.

insurance company
insurance company


If you have several insurance policies for your vehicles, trailers, or your home, you can save significant amount of money if you consolidate all your insurance under one insurance policy and company. You can also consider moving all your different policies into a single new insurance company. They usually offer big discounts if you switch to them.

The price of gas and other necessary expenses are additional financial burden on itself but if you can lower your car insurance by simply paying attention, it is one less worry on your pocket.

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