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How to Make Money on Facebook

Updated on March 27, 2017
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Jacob is a 28-year-old website designer and SEO consultant for Fate Marketing. In his spare time, he loves to write for HubPages.

How to make money on Facebook
How to make money on Facebook

How to Make Money on Facebook

If you have a large social media following and are wondering how to make money on Facebook, you've come to the right place. There are a few different ways internet marketers make money with Facebook, most of which we will cover in this article. The desire to learn about various ways you can generate revenue on Facebook will probably start you down the path to make some income generating ideas of your own. Not every strategy for making money on Facebook requires a website, so if you have yet to start one, or don't plan on making one, don't fret.

How to make money on Facebook
How to make money on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook by writing articles

The most obvious way to make some extra cash on Facebook is by writing articles on a blog and sharing them with your friends, followers and fans. Setting up some website hosting using blogging software like WordPress is simple, and you can create and publish articles with relative ease. There's also dozens of free templates available for WordPress that allow you to host a very stylish blog, without the need to spend a dime. Sprinkle a few advertisements throughout your blog using Google Adsense and viola, done.

When a user enters your site, you will make a very small amount every time they see an ad (called an impression) and a bit more every time an advertisement is actually clicked on. Clicks generally pay under $1 depending on your niche (the content you blog about) and it's not often that users will click on advertisements. So, if you want to make a lot of money this way you are going to need a large fan base. If your Facebook profile, page or group has a few hundred thousand followers combined, making money this way shouldn't be an issue, however, if you only have a few hundred, blogging probably wont make you much.

Sites like EliteDaily capitalize heavily on social media sharing, getting thousands of shares per day. They create dozens of potentially viral articles (Somewhere around 80 new articles) each day. EliteDaily manages this extreme volume due to the dozens of writers they employ around the clock to come up with new content, so they generally do very well making money with this method. If you are a newbie internet marketer just starting out, this will probably be the slowest way to earn income online using Facebook.

Morning coffee while making money
Morning coffee while making money

Making money on Facebook using Affiliate programs

Another way that you can make money on Facebook is through affiliate programs. You generally don't need a website for this, (although one will help) as you can link your Facebook friends directly to your affiliate store to make the purchase.

"What are affiliate programs?"
Affiliate programs reward you for sending customers to their website to purchase something. The payout is generally a small percentage of whatever the product sells for, in exchange for the referral of a paying customer. There are a huge amount of affiliate partnerships available to you; Amazon Affiliates, eBay Partner Network and ClickBank are just a few of the largest companies that offer referral programs. You can actually make a pretty penny using this method, as depending on the items you decide to promote, you can easily earn between 10-20% of the sale from every item your customer buys. What this means is that if you are referring customers to purchase an expensive item such as a new TV or computer, you could easily be looking at a couple hundred bucks per sale. Not only that, but the majority of web services online (such as website hosting providers) also offer special programs that incentivize you to direct paying customers their way. Not too shabby!

You see this method used extensively on many sites across the web which have a whole website dedicated solely to posting odd or quirky items they found on the internet. From items like a solar powered phone charger to a Donald Trump Chia pet, they generally post weird and quirky merchandise you never knew you needed, until you see it on the internet.

Do you own any Facebook Groups or Pages?

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What should you promote on Facebook?

Imagine you build a large Facebook fan page called "MTV Pets:True Life" that posts pictures of pets getting into trouble or making messes, taken by their owners. The content you post on the page will mostly be sent in by the pet owners themselves, and the page will mostly be "Liked" by people who find enjoyment looking at funny photos of animals. This would be a perfect opportunity to try selling animal products such as food, toys or housing to them via affiliate marketing. Maybe you have a large Facebook page dedicated to professional skateboarders and their coolest trick videos, you could direct the users who follow you to skateboarding equipment or apparel on Amazon using your affiliate link. Perhaps you are a mother who posts dozens of pictures of your baby on Facebook and you are in a Facebook group with other young mothers. This group would be prime real estate for posting links to cute baby clothes or family photograph packages!

The possibilities here really are endless, the only thing you have to do is find a niche you enjoy and find an affiliate program that works for you. The key to affiliate marketing is to find a niche that interests you and that you will enjoy researching and posting about. Affiliate marketing is probably the biggest potential revenue stream when trying to make money on Facebook. FB hosts thousands of user-made groups that are free to join, (even if you don't have a lot of social followers yourself) so finding other users interested in your niche via groups or pages is a piece of cake. Try adding in locations if you are having trouble finding specific groups that might be interested in your products. For example instead of searching for "New Mothers on Facebook", try searching for something like "New Mother Advice Austin Texas." In general, location based groups will offer a tighter knit community of people that are probably more willing to click on a link that looks interesting to them.

Artists, Photographers and Graphic Designers, the next tip is for you!

Designing for Money on Facebook
Designing for Money on Facebook

Make money on Facebook as an Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer

If you are an artist, photographer or graphic artist, selling your artwork can be challenging. There is a lot of competition out there since the invention of the internet, so you are going to want to get your designs out to as many eyeballs as possible. Thankfully, there are a few websites available to you that allow you to sell your photographs or designs for free on their marketplace! Envato Marketplace is one such location that allows you to upload your designs and sell them on their market. After you signup, simply upload your designs and wait for the cash to roll in. Sites like Envato Market do most of the promotion for you, and they completely handle delivery to your customers. This makes it very easy on you because you don't even have to be online for the sale or even bother with sending the product to the customer.

Zazzle, TeeSpring, SpreadShirt
Affiliate Links
Medium Payout
Lowest Payout
Highest Payout
Designing Skills Needed
Writing Skills Needed
Basic Computer Knowledge
No Website Needed
Website Needed
Website Highly encouraged

The purchaser will pay cash directly to the Envato Marketplace, which in turn will send you most of the purchase price. (Of course, they take their cut as well.) But the rest gets deposited right into your bank account. The benefit of using a Marketplace is that you can upload hundreds of your best photographs and let them do all the work for you, from promotion to delivery. If you want to speed up your sales, share them on your Facebook wall with a small description of the product and some photographs. You never know who might be interested in your designs!

Artistically challenged? Try text designs!

Are you artistically challenged or want something a little different? Sites like Zazzle, Spreadshirt and TeeSpring are product design companies that allows you to customize clothing ranging from t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies to fitness apparel or posters with just a few clicks of the mouse. I've found that text designs often sell pretty well on these types of marketplaces which is good because I am certainly no Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci. After you finish your custom design these sites will post it up for sale in their market. If any of your designs end up being sold, they print the product or apparel and send it directly to the customer themselves. You end up making a small percentage of the purchase price in royalties. If you create something funny or something that you think your friends might be interested in, post it on Facebook and see if you get any bites. The best strategy when advertising your designs or affiliate links however is to search Facebook for large groups that might be interested in what you are trying to sell. As I mentioned before, there are thousands of groups on Facebook for every niche imaginable and if you post your link in enough of them, you will most certainly end up clearing quite a few sales with minimal effort.

Make some profit!

I hope you end up taking some of these ideas and putting them to good use to make some extra money on Facebook! Earning a few extra dollars online isn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be, as long as you stay dedicated to your goal and follow through consistently.

If you have any other ideas that you think others might find useful to make money on Facebook, please leave us some information about your plans in the comment section below! Or, if you have any feedback (good or bad!) about our article we would love to hear it! Thanks for reading, and until next time, Stay Elite!

Bonus video for other methods to make money on facebook:

Different Methods to Make Money on Facebook


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