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How to Make Money through Writing Online

Updated on June 5, 2013
Jevannel profile image

Jevannel is a College Instructor. She takes teaching as a job and freelance writing as a career.

How to Start Your Online Writing Career

Some people say that it is very easy to write articles. They consider writing as a simple hobby. However, for those individuals who aim to make top-notched articles, producing a good post is quite challenging.

You need to consider many factors that could hinder your success in writing especially regarding spelling and grammar. It takes true passion in writing for a writer to be successful in this field. Proficiency in English language is an edge to compete with other writers across the globe. if you are interested in online writing career, therefore, it is a must that you produce globally competitive articles.

Writing Opportunities You Can Grab Online

Nowadays, it is good to know that thousands and even millions of writers from different corners of the world are starting to earn legit money from doing online writing jobs. This is a great opportunity for students, young professionals, retirees and those stay-at-home moms to enjoy the comfort of their homes doing writing projects online.

Here are some of the proven ways that writers have tried, which gave them the opportunity to earn real cash and get a fulfilling job from the Internet.


By simply building a blog site and filling it with updated posts, blogger owners do earn money from the ads they display on their sidebars. You need not to be a professional writer to do blogging. However, providing fresh posts is necessary to be successful in blogging career.

Aside from the ads and clicks that could generate cash, blog writers are also hired by direct advertisers to write post for products that they need to promote on the online market. This is one of the effective ways to generate more money from blogging.

Guest Posting

There are individuals who need most of high quality contents but are not fortunate enough to have excellent writing skills. This is an opportunity for writers to do guest posting. You will be paid for your contributions on the site.

Ghost Writing

Those writers who do not have enough time to maintain their site with fresh posts prefer to hire ghostwriters to do their daily tasks. In this kind of writing project, a hired writer will just provide the articles but his name will not be published as the author of the post but the name of the one who hired him.

How to Start Your Online Writing Career

Two basic materials are needed to get started and these are your personal computer, and Internet connection. Added with your eagerness to write and earn, you are already good to go.

You should decide which writing project you would get online. If you have enough time to do all suggested ways above, then you are on your way to make your writing job a stable source of your income.

The important key here to be successful is to find a permanent employer who could assure to give you long-term projects.


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