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How to Make Residual Income Online

Updated on June 2, 2011

Your Words Can Continue to Earn

Photo by zizzy0104
Photo by zizzy0104

What is Residual Income Online?

Earning online income that continues to come in long after the work has been done is residual income, also known as passwive income. This income is often associated with Web writing. Once a person has written something for a site that allows residual income, the income can come in for years to come.

There are sites that offer low residual income, sites that offer a higher level of residuals and sites that let you slap on your own ads and leave it all up to you.

Higher Residual Income

When you write for a site that has a reputation for paying out a high residual income, you are still at the mercy of their own income calculations. The site may not tell you how the income is even calculated at all. Some of these are:

Suite101: Decent residual income from articles that can be written about thousands of topics. The site doesn't bring in that much traffic, however, and the writers need to use their best SEO tactics to bring readers in from search engines. With a lot of articles and a little promotion, Suite101 writers can earn good monthly residuals.

eHow: eHow has one of the younger residual programs, but it's one of the better ones. The site does a good job of bringing in traffic, but like other residual sites, using SEO tactics and promoting the work through social networks and links greatly increase readership and earnings. Like Suite101, the exact formula for income is not revealed.

Lower Residual Income

Some of the lower residual income sites can be good places for new Web writers to learn about promotion and Web writing. They pay very little, but that can always be increased somewhat with effective promotion. The income earned in any one month may be small, but writers for some of these sites are glad to see it continue to trickle in long after they have finished the articles.

Helium: One of the lowest payers, it has a reputation for not being worth the time. The site may be a good training ground if you want to start writing and want some practice before trying to get accepted by a more serious site.

Triond: Another extremely low payer. Like Helium, even a large volume of articles won't make you much money. However, you can use affiliate links in the articles you submit to Triond.

Associated Content: This site may be a low or high payer, depending on what you put into it. Few people make much in residuals unless they have a few very popular articles or they have hundreds of articles all together. If you are good at promoting your work, there is a lot of potential. The site pays per page view, so the income isn't dependant on ad clicks like many other sites. See my hub page about Associated Content for more information.

Do-It-Yourself Adsense Sites

There are a number of sites that pay you nothing but allow you to put your own AdSense ads on your own content. The income you generate is then dependent on the ads on the site. Often the site will split this revenue with you.

HowToDoThings: Pays purely with a split of Adsense revenue.

HubPages: Another split-revenue AdSense site. Writers also make money through affiliate ads from Amazon and eBay.

Xomba: This site allows an Dsense share for items that you bookmark. You can bookmark anything at all except for adult materials. See my hub page about Xomba for in-dept information about this site.

Your Own Site: If you create your own website, put ads on it and promote it effectively, you don't have to split the revenue with anyone. It may take longer to bring in traffic than with an established site, but the sky's the limit on the amount of income you can make.


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    • profile image

      Beaks 9 years ago from USA

      I usually use my blogs to promote other things. That can drive traffic to your other sites, but there is also some money to be made in blogging. I have another hub that is about how to have fun with your blogs. I too am a big believer in having passion for what you're writing about.

    • profile image

      Max Rodegher 9 years ago

      I am not into blogs. They require you put up new posts every day or week in order to keep your visitors coming. And if you are using a free blog you have to split your earnings with the free blog company. My paranormal site may not be making me rich but it is making a decent profit and I enjoy writing about paranormal subjects. Its best to own the site or blog you work on and even more importantly make sure you are writing about a subjects that you are truely interested in or selling a product you love and use yourself. That's that best way to keep motivated and better reaching your audience.