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How to Make a slideshow with iPhoto 09

Updated on April 20, 2014

iPhoto Slide Show

Making a Slideshow in iPhoto 09

First open iPhoto 09 by clicking on the icon of a camera, then choose the Photo of Palm tree in the dock. Next select pictures from the desired photo library to be part of the slide show.

At the bottom left hand corner of the window, click the plus sign.

Another window opens providing several choices, from an album, to a Calendar in the top bar. Click on a slideshow.

In the same drop down box is a place to name the slideshow. Once a slideshow name has been placed in the slideshow name box, click create.

Then go back to iPhoto and drag the pictures from the iPhoto library to the newly created slide show.

Repeat this for as many photos as desired in the slide show.

When all of the pictures are in the slide show double click the slide show name containing your selected photos. A new window will appear with all of the selected pictures across the top. The pictures at this point can be arranged by clicking and dragging them into the order you would like them in the slideshow.

When all of the pictures of a slide show are in one event, double click on the event and create a slide show.

Before selecting a theme adjust the settings for the theme. Click on the settings icon it looks like a gear and make your settings choices.

There are several choices that apply to all of the slides or to individual slides.

Individual photos feature a choice of b/w, sepia or antique. Other features include a time for the slide and choice of transition for classic and Ken Burns theme. Plus the speed of the transition and length of time the picture is to appear in the slideshow.

Before selecting a theme select the time you would like the pictures to display.

With the Classic and Ken Burns Theme I can select one of 15 transitions. Some transitions can be set to come from the right, bottom, left or top such as the cube.

There is also a choice of the aspect ratio which will determine the display size of the picture.

Visit Apple iPhoto Videos.

The choice of themes are Classic, Ken Burns, Shatter, Sliding Panels, Snapshots and Scrapbook. There is a default setting for music or use your own music added to the themes.

Only one theme can be selected at a time. Once the theme is determined the slideshow is ready to export to the iTunes movie library. I do this by clicking on the export button on the lower right side of my open window. A window will appear asking me where to export it and the size to be saved. There is a box to check at the lower left hand corner that will export to iTunes Movie library. The slide show will automatically go to the iTunes library. I also can export to the desk top and import it into iMovie.

WaLa!! It is done. From iTunes I can access it to play it, make it into a movie, copy to a DVD upload to YouTube or do with it what ever I would like.


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