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The Unofficial Daily M-Points Guide

Updated on May 3, 2015

What is M-points?

M-points is a reward system that is implemented in a lot of popular apps that you probably use every day anyway. Accruing m-points is easy and can lead to a host of real life rewards ranging from the latest technology to gift cards available for use at your favorite place to eat or shop. The best thing about it is there are no gimmicks and you can save yourself a lot of money if you just take one hour out of your day to play a game or open up an app.

Why you should care?

You shouldn’t care if you don’t see yourself taking an hour or two out of your day to follow this guide. You also shouldn’t care if your trying to use apps or games on your cell phone as a sustainable income because that’s not going to happen. You should care though if you spend most of your time on your cell phone anyway and would like to be more productive by garnering points that can be used to supplement your habits or hobbies.

Tips and Tricks

  • The guide is set up from the least time consuming game to the most time consuming based on my opinion
  • Some apps can be played simultaneously as they require you to wait a certain amount of time like The Flintstones and Nexercise
  • Number beside the task denotes how many Achievements are tied to the task
  • Every app has an achievement tied to it that you get just for opening it up
  • I recommend getting a feel for the apps by just using them so the guide will make more sense to you
  • Don't worry about completing every task because you can still hit your daily limit without doing so
  • The official daily limit is 1000 points a day, but following this guide you'll get around 1800
  • Everything in this guide is subject to change as the games developers and M-points may change their policies in the future

Enough talk, I want M-points!

Whether this is your first time hearing about M-points or your already an avid user this is going to be a great guide for you. Below you'll find a guide with a list of about eleven games and apps that I take about an hour or two out of my day to use for M-points. These are the best games that I've found that aren't very time consuming and actually fun. If you find any of these games or apps a hassle to use then by all means replace it with another M-points enabled app because there are quite a lot. This is a loyalty reward program so if you stick with a stable of apps on a daily basis the number of points you can get increases.

The M-points Guide

The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock

80 points daily/ 14 Achievements

  • Complete a mission 3
  • Send Fred to work at Quarry 3
  • Water a dry patch 3
  • Clean a trash pile 3
  • Find a magpieodactyl

Light Da Fuse

70 points daily/ 12 Achievements

  • Launch 50 fireworks 3
  • Launch 10 ball shells
  • Launch 10 ring shells
  • Launch 10 saturn shells
  • Launch 10 starburst shells
  • Lauch 10 thunder shells
  • Launch 10 UFO's
  • Tap More games/Twitter 2

Tap da Cookie

70 points daily/ 12 Achievements

  • Read 50 fortunes 5
  • Open a cookie with a double fortune
  • Turn over fortune
  • Open cookie with no fortune
  • Open cookie with jackpot
  • Tap More games/Twitter 2

Cut Da Deck

70 points daily/ 12 Achievements

  • Split the deck ten times 2
  • More games/Twitter 2
  • Just play until you earn 12 achievements

Link 4

156 points daily/ 19 Achievements

  • Play win against easy A.I. 7
  • Play against human player 4
  • Play against hard A.I. 5
  • Twitter/ Facebook 2

Helium Rush

107 points daily/ 17 Achievements

  • Just play until you earn 17 Achievements
  • Fully close and open game three times

Eat Da Cheese

70 points daily/ 12 Achievements

  • Play 10 games 2
  • More games/ Twitter 2
  • Just play until you earn 12 Achievements

The Weather Channel

67 points daily/ 8 Achievements

  • Open using widget 3
  • Watch a Must See video 3
  • Fully close and open app


180 points daily/ 19 Achievements

  • Log weight
  • View profile of three friends
  • Scroll down home page
  • Do 15 minutes tracked activity 3
  • Log Aerobics 3

Grumpy Bears

85 points daily/ 10 Achievements

  • Compete 3 games
  • Complete 3 missions
  • Destroy 5 crates
  • Destroy 5 coin trucks
  • Launch a nuke
  • Use 3 repair kits
  • Get more than 250 points

Where's Waldo

75 points daily/ 10 Achievements

  • Open chest 3
  • Find/Trade in Items 6

Word Search

85 points daily/ 16 Achievements

  • Look up words defenition 4
  • Solve/ Start a puzzle 10

M-Points Checklist

(click column header to sort results)
The Flintstones:BBB  
Light Da Fuse  
Tap da Cookie  
Cut Da Deck  
Link 4  
Helium Rush  
Eat Da Cheese  
The Weather Channel  
Grumpy Bears  
Where's Waldo  
Word Search  
80 points daily
70 points daily
70 points daily
70 points daily
156 points daily
107 points daily
70 points daily
67 points daily
180 points daily
85 points daily
75 points daily
85 points daily
14 Achievements
12 Achievements
12 Achievements
12 Achievements
19 Achievements
17 Achievements
12 Achievements
8 Achievements
19 Achievements
10 Achievements
10 Achievements
16 Achievements

The Vote

After reading this, does M-points sound like an easy way to get gift cards and electronics?

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