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How to Pick up Money From off the Streets

Updated on August 23, 2013

Hi, I am Tony the writer

Let me tell you, when I discovered how easy it was to find money on the street floor I was gobsmacked by how I never thought of it before. It is so easy and logical, even better, it doesn’t cost you a thing other than your attention to detail. When you find your first free money you will be carrying out an every day action, nothing out of the ordinary. Just going about your business as usual. But with a little effort you may be the richer for it.

Here it goes the simple secret ingredient that makes the picking up money from off the street floor work….. Lost cash!!!

Yes, people all over the world loose money from out of their pockets, wallets or purses every day of the week, day in and day out. This is happening in England, China, Rome or America. In fact where ever money is handled there is always going to be a percentage of this money that will get lost without the person handling the money even realising it. Even when later they realise it has gone they recognise that it would be almost impossible to re-trace their steps and find it. It's all lying out there just waiting to be found, ker-ching!!!

There are rules to this game and I hope you will follow them.

1. If you find a wallet please don't just empty the cash out. We are all going though financial problems nowadays. The loss of your wallet or purse can be very distressing. Always look for a name and address to return it to the owner. You still might make money through your honesty, by returning their valuables, I know I have.

2. If you do see someone drop their money on the floor, do tell them about it.

I feel that if you know who owns the money you should give it back to them, you are not a thief and I would not encourage you be.

3. If it is a large amount of money take it to police. Give them all the details of where and when you found it. Make sure you get a receipt and leave your contact details. After a period of time you will be able to claim it for your self. This will also go for items of value such as, watches, rings and jewellery etc: that you find and hand in to the police.

4. Lost loose money is what you are looking for. In the next section I will tell you where you are most likely to find it.

5. Never be too proud to pick up the smallest coin. It all adds up in the long run.

Do follow the rules it will keep your conscience clear.

Now lets move onto where you will find all this lovely money.

This is my working list of places you will be able to find money:

· Wind traps - This is the number one place to find money. They are easy to spot just look where the paper rubbish has blown. That will be where the paper money will be blown to as well. It's just a matter of walking passed the wind trap and scanning for the free money. You will soon be able to spot the cash by the merest flash of colour.

· Car parks - Always look for any wind traps. Look for money at any place people take things out of their pockets, by the ticket machine or next to a car. Money may fall onto the floor as they sort out parking fees. Taking their car keys out of their pockets can drag money out as well so always take a look between the parked cars.

· Train stations - Obviously there are no wind traps but pocket losses will occur. As people get into a panic while trying to find the right train or platform. They are prone drop money as they sort out their tickets.

· Bus stops - Look for the wind trap, it will be where all the discarded tickets get blown to. Also people drop money as they sort out their bus fare at the last minute before they get on the bus.

· Outside shops -

· Taxi ranks - Best at night after the night clubs are emptying or early mornings, drunken people can often miss their pockets. Don't forget to look for wind traps.

· Automatic tellers - same story hear, fall out from pockets and wind traps.

· Fairs - Lots of money changes hands here with all the rides and entertainment. It's good to walk over where the fair as been to look for cash. Nothing wrong with taking your dog for a nice walk but keep your eyes open for cash.

· Events - Same as fairs really, farmers markets, horse events or motor events you get the picture.

· Supermarkets - Look as you walk through the car park. And don't forget to check out the trolley bay for lost change. I know someone who regularly finds pound coins still in the money slot (I live in England by the way).

So there you have it "How to Pick up Money From off he Street Floor". I hope you can put my pearls of wisdom to good use, happy hunting.


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    • Tony the writer profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony the writer 

      5 years ago from Birmingham, England

      That's the right idea, free money is always worth investing, well done. :-)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      A few years ago I started picking up money that was lying around. I accumulated about £10 in about 6 months. I then went to a car boot and bought as much as I could with that £10, sold the things that I had bought and reinvested my profits in more things. Over the space of about a year I had made about £500. It paid for a well earned holiday that I couldn't have afforded otherwise.

    • Tony the writer profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony the writer 

      8 years ago from Birmingham, England

      Thanks for your comment queenpoetica. me and my brother have a long time compertition on the go to see who finds the most mony. At the moment I am in the lead and he is green with envy. Lol

    • queenpoetica profile image


      8 years ago from England

      I chuckled when I read this. I remember a time when I was so hard up and I walked out of the front door of my little terraced house and found a fiver on the floor! I thought it had been sent by the universe!! I've only ever found pennies since. I like your style of writing, it amuses me and taps into my humour.


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