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How to save money on cell phone bills

Updated on May 29, 2016
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Erin Shelby is a freelance writer. She blogs at


What did we ever do without cell phones? If you’re examining your monthly budget, don’t forget this category. Here’s how you can save money on your cell phone bill.

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Check Your Cell Phone Bill for Mistakes

Do you pay your cell phone will without inspecting it, or do you check it for accuracy? Unfortunately, errors occur that result in many cell phone users being charged more than what they owe.

Look Into a Family Plan

If your current cell phone plan consists of you as the only user, investigate how your expenses might change if you were part of a family plan. Adding a spouse or sibling and having each user contribute his or her part can create an interesting savings that each person could not obtain otherwise.

Determine Your Type: Texter or Talker?

Alexander Graham Bell had no idea what he started when he invented the telephone. Little did he know that people wouldn’t just be making phone calls on this device, but they would be performing a huge variety of transactions- texting, tweeting, paying bills, googling and more. Determine which type of cell phone user you are: are you a texter or a talker? Do you use your phone primarily to have conversations with people using your voice or by typing? If your current plan doesn’t focus on the service you need most, investigate other types of plans that will meet your needs while avoiding overages.

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Leave the Internet Behind

Most of us would probably say that in some way, we’re addicted to the internet. If you can’t imagine not having the internet on your cell phone, think about how you might communicate without that service. The reason? Cheaper plans exist if you can go without internet on your phone. Changing your habits is easier if you don’t attempt it overnight. See if you can first go an hour without using the internet on your phone. Then try no internet for two hours, then three. Gradually weaning yourself off the internet on your cell phone will get you ready for using a cell phone that doesn’t have this service so you can use a plan that will cost less. It won’t be as much fun, but it will save you money on your cell phone bill.

Use a Cell Phone for Emergencies Only

If you’ve examined your budget, you may be very serious about saving money on cell phone bills. If so, changing your habits and making your cell phone an “emergencies only” way of contacting others could be the way to go. Distributing only your home phone number – not your cell phone number – to others makes your cell phone a device that’s to be used truly for emergencies, such as calling for help during car trouble. While this may be an unpopular strategy, it is certain to save you money. AT&T’s no contract, pre-paid GoPhone is perfect for those deciding to limit their cell phone usage.

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    • Ann1Az2 profile image


      6 years ago from Orange, Texas

      Great suggestions! I just now started texting (probably unfortunately, but I don't do while driving). The reason is, I got a phone without a qwerty keyboard - it actually has a regular typewriter keyboard - finally, someone got smart! Well done, by the way.


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