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How to Save Money when using Electricity

Updated on October 21, 2012


Our daily need for electric power often leads to inflated bills that skew the following month’s budget. This bill must be settled considering the utility or significance of electricity in our lives. What can we do to lower our consumption of electricity? The cost of electricity has steadily been increasing over time. This depends on the source of electric power.

Hydroelectric power is by far the most affordable compared to diesel generated electricity and other independent sources. There are several suggestions that can lead to the saving of money by minimizing your electricity bill. Such savings can be used to solve other household problems.

Light Bulb by David Castillo
Light Bulb by David Castillo | Source

How do we use electricity?

We use electricity most during the ironing of cloths, overhead lighting, when using electronic devices in the house, heating water for bathing and when cooking. The key culprit here is the wastage of energy.

There is need therefore to mind how we use each of the stated items above. The most obvious option available is cutting down on your power consumption by leaning towards known energy-saving techniques.

Overhead lighting and heating

It is usually prudent to consider replacing ceiling or overhead bulbs with fluorescent tubes, which consume less energy compared to bulbs. Fluorescent tubes can save up to 60% of a consumer’s power bill. These tubes may be more expensive, but they have a longer life too. Avoid using halogen bulbs which tend to be power hungry.

Various companies manufacture energy-saving bulbs whose prime goal is to reduce the consumption of electricity over time. Natural lighting is most preferred. The house should be designed to maximize on dependence upon sunlight during day time. Bigger windows provide adequate light for both domestic and office needs.

Any leaks on steam pipes should be sealed. Such pipes should also be lagged to prevent heat loss in the transmission of steam.

Water heaters

It is advisable to use instant water heaters instead of tank-based water heaters. This enables consumers to only heat the water they intend to use without bothering with excess quantities.

Roof-based solar heaters are being championed to eradicate the use of more extravagant heating methods. Some consumers try to save energy by simultaneously heating water meant for the bathroom while cooking. However, this requires an intricate weave of pipes running from the kitchen stove all the way to the bathroom.

Electronic devices

The amount of electricity used by televisions, computers, powerful sound systems and other electrical appliances is enormous. Such gadgets should be used sparing or where necessary to minimize ones use of power.

Get into the habit of switching of electronic devices that are not being attended to. An attempt should also be made towards using highly efficient motors to conserve energy. Unplug appliances from their wall sockets when not in use.


It is much more preferable and inexpensive to do all your domestic cooking on a gas stove or oven instead of an electric one. It requires much more electricity to accomplish what a gas stove does.


Refrigerators are some of the biggest consumers of electricity.Care must be taken to ensure refrigerator doors are never left open for long when one is stocking or using foods from the freezer. An open door raises temperature on the inside which takes time to regulate, thereby leading to higher power consumption.

Ironing cloths

Consumers are advised to iron only those cloths they intend to use. There is no need of ironing cloths and returning them to the wardrobe to get creased again before smoothening them later. A lot of power is wasted this way. Never leave your iron box for long during the ironing of cloths.


Each consumer’s goal should be to conserve energy and minimize costs while using it to the maximum. Renewable sources of energy should also be embraced to cut overall costs.


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  • Anjili profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi teaches12345,

    Thanks for passing by and sharing your views too. I'm glad to hear from someone who buys permanently fresh cloths. I love permanent press for not only saving electricity, but also for saving my time. Nobody under my roof seems to like ironing either. Take care.

    Hi Rock nj,

    I'm glad you have gathered real proof on how to economize on the use of electricity. I too have replaced all lighting points with CFLs. It amounts to a substantial saving especially with more and more modern gadgets demanding to use power. Thanks for passing by.

    Hi shiningirisheyes,

    Thanks for your compliments and support. I'm glad you passed by. Please do come again.

  • shiningirisheyes profile image

    Shining Irish Eyes 

    5 years ago from Upstate, New York

    I am always supportive for any information that helps to conserve energy. You provided some fantastic insight.

  • Rock_nj profile image

    John Coviello 

    5 years ago from New Jersey

    I have noticed about a 20% drop in electricity consumption since I replaced most of the lights in my house with CFLs. That adds up to real savings each month, even after considering the higher cost of CFLs.

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 

    5 years ago

    I am dedicated to only ironing those items that need it. I try to buy clothing that looks good fresh out of the dryer or off the clothesline. Great ideas, Anjili.


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