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How to Screen Affiliates

Updated on May 6, 2012

I have been searching various affiliate programs to see if there are alternatives to using ClickBank. I recently came across an affiliate program called DigiResults. DigiResults seem to offer more high quality products then click bank at first glance.

There seems to be some several key differences to using DigiResults as an affiliate or merchant.


Anyone can become an instant affiliate

Customers request refund it is debited from Affiliate account

Payouts of first amount must have 5 different Credit cards and reach a minimum of 100

Anyone can become a merchant on clickbank no screening of products.


All Affiliates/Merchants are screened before allowed to promote/sell

Customer request refund it is taken from the merchant account

Payouts are instant for affiliates/merchants

An intensive screening process to weed out junk products/junk affiliates

The one thing that I like about DigiResults is that they provide an intensive screening process that all merchants and affiliates must go through. With this screening process in place, it makes it a lot harder for merchants to sell garbage products and unscrupulous merchants to continue to sell their products.

When you are a merchant on DigiResults it gives you the ability to see who and how affiliates are selling your product.

Website – DigiResults give merchants the opportunity to screen the websites of the affiliates that want to promote their product.

Marketing Strategies – You can ask specifically how the merchant intends to promote your products. This question will eliminate a lot of potential people from spamming your product. So, ask them about PPC, SEO, or other options they are choosing to promote your product.

Email Provider – Check out their email is it on a free account like Yahoo or Gmail? Most of the time, if, they have a website to promote your products, they should be able to email you directly from that providers site.

Blocking as a merchant you have the ability to block affiliates form promoting your products that seem to be doing it fraudulently. Remember to use this feature on anyone you have approved that turns out to be spamming or other non-ethical promoting techniques.

Payment Holding – If, there is cause for concern over an affiliate with a specific product DigiResults can hold payments. These payments will be held until a full investigation on the affiliate and their sales has been audited. This is an excellent way to prevent invalid sales, lots of refunds, and you can focus on giving the benefits to those affiliates who have proven themselves.


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