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How to Sell Stuff on Craigslist - Things to Know

Updated on September 20, 2011

Selling your stuff on Craigslist can be faster and easier than you think. At first glance, you might feel that this free site is confusing, or that it is just a huge online classified ad page. But it is really more like a gigantic yard sale or flea market, and with a little guidance, you will find it a convenient and fast way to sell things -- anything -- from furniture to electronics -- without spending any money. How to sell stuff on craiglist walks you through the steps you need to take to learn how to sell stuff and avoid being scammed.

Income and money making is one good ways to make use of Craigslist, but there are possible scams and other pitfalls to avoid. The following steps guide you through the key things to consider:

How to Sell Stuff on Craigslist

1. After you have gone to the Craigslist for your city or region closest to you, then you select “Post to Classifieds,” then choose “For Sale” under “What Type of Posting is this?” Select the category that describes the things you are selling.

2. Get some clear pictures of your item that you want to sell. If you have a smart phone or cell phone this step is easy, you will need to upload them (click on the add/edit images button). While you can surely sell stuff on craiglist without a picture, the picture is the way to go, to get the most inquiries.

3. Describe the item or items in detail, unless you want to spend the next week answering emails that ask something that you could have easily mentioned.

4. Only sell locally, do not try to sell nationwide, and put on your description a statement that you will not ship it, and that is only for sale locally. (Warning- neglect this advice and you may well hear from scammers trying to rip you off).

5. Note that the item is priced as you listed and non-negoatiable, unless you would like to haggle and have plenty of time to do so. Check the competition to see what a fair price will be to stay competitive. (you can open another window to do that, if you haven’t already checked other ads in your category).

6. You need to decide what method of payment you will accept. Because there people are strangers, it is wise to consider accepting only cash, and accepting checks is not smart. If you are set up to do a credit card swipe or paypal you may consider that but cash is king when it come to safety.

7. Double check spelling and grammar before accepting the terms of service and posting.

Craigslist Ads- Once You Get Emails

1.Sort through the inquiries and only bother with the ones that seem likely prospects.

2. If you think you are going to meet to close the deal you can and should talk on the phone and swap phone numbers. Use care in selecting what phone number to disclose, and meet in a safe place.

3. Despite your statement to the contrary, be prepared to accept a little less than the price you advertised, it is part of the culture, much like a flea market, that buyers want to get a deal.

4. Move fast, buyer and seller turnover is incredibly fast, and most things that will sell will be sold in the first few days, unless you have an unusual or rare item. You can always re post the ad, at a slightly lower price or more attractive photos.

Speaking of photos, credit for the craigslist office picture to Chica Watanabe. How to sell stuff on craiglist is offered as educational material and you obviously need to use your own common sense for it to work safely and effectively for you.


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    • davidmurree profile image

      David Murree 5 years ago from USA

      Craigslist is very nice tool to sell items quickly

    • authorfriendly profile image

      authorfriendly 6 years ago from Charleston, SC

      If you go to the craigslist in your city, just click on the classifieds section and the subcategory that is designed to sell things on Craigslist. There are a few rules to follow but its mostly automated.

    • profile image

      Dave DeShazo 6 years ago

      How does a person get into the classified section to sell items?

    • elayne001 profile image

      Elayne 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      I actually have bought a couple of items off craigslist, but have not had success so far selling. I will try a few of your suggestions to see if I can do better. Thanks.