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How to Sharpen Scissors Without a Sharpening Stone

Updated on August 3, 2010

It happens to the best of them. Your favorite scissors get used so often they lose their edge. Whether it is for scrap-booking, sewing, gift wrapping, or cutting hair; eventually all scissors dull down.

What can be done about this dilemma aside from tossing them out or fighting with a sharpening stone?

There is an easy, cost effective, and fun way to get those scissors cutting the way they did when you first brought them home. You can even turn it into a helper job for the kids!

Take a strip of tin foil and fold it in half, then again. Cut the tin foil with your dull scissors, being sure that every part of the blades has a chance to bite into the foil. As the tin foil is cut it sharpens the scissors. The amount of snips required for your scissors will depend upon how dull they actually are.

Once you have snipped through a sheet of your folded tin foil, try them again on the textured surface you generally use them for. If they are for sewing, take a small piece of cloth to test out their sharpness. If you are into scrap-booking, snip away at an old photograph edge you don't need or piece of boarder. If you find that your scissors need to be sharpened more, simply repeat the process of cutting the tin foil.

*Be cautious when sharpening children's scissors. You don't want to make them too sharp.


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