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How to Shop Deal a Day Sites

Updated on August 30, 2016

Shoppers Paradise

Shoppers Paradise is Online!
Shoppers Paradise is Online! | Source

What is a Deal a Day Site?

A Deal a Day site is a site that offers a Deal a Day. Many of these have deviated from the original model, now offering many deals per day. The deal expires when it is either sold out, or the end of the business day happens.

Deal a Day sites abound, so I won't list just one, but there are many out there, and it is with caution that I would advise to use them if they are not well known. Check reviews, make sure that you have some contact information about the company, and some sort of security about the payment that you will be making.

Deal a Day sites are used to sell overstocks, new products, new products that are not the newest model, new releases, and many other things. Some amazing deals can be found, but there are also many lemons.


Know What You Are Shopping For

The pull and lure of Deal a Day sites can be really strong. I cannot even list the items that I bought on various sites that offer a deal for the day. Some of the items that I have purchased have been beyond great. A 32 inch television for less than a hundred dollars? I got one from a site that has since gone belly up. The set is a well known brand, and the person I gifted it to loves it.

If you are looking for certain things, Deal a Day sites can be impressive, filling your email box with items that you may be looking for. Many sites are targeted to very specific interests, with computers, other electronics, and gadgets topping the lists on these sites. Adding an email subscription or adding their business to your social networking site can be an awesome way to keep up with a site that lists what you are looking for.

If you are looking for general items, such as "a laptop" versus a specific make, model, etc., these Deal a Day sites can be a valuable resource. For more specific needs, you may find that your time is better spent elsewhere.


Read the Fine Print

Sure, the item you found may be priced at a super low value. You get the credit card out, get ready to swipe and then you notice it. The shipping charges. Most companies do offer competitive shipping prices. Many, however charge high fees for shipping. This could be legitimate. Sending from other countries is very expensive in certain cases. I purchased a silk scarf a few years ago from a foreign country. The shipping was more than the scarf. It was still worth it, but it is something to be aware of.

Also, something to look at is how long it will take an item to get to you. I happen to know a bride that ordered a custom made gown from a foreign country's seller. It was a special promotion from a deal a day site. She paid, got photos as it was being made, and it arrived at her home--3 days before her wedding. She had ordered it 6 months before. A stop of anything in customs can halt the time of something getting to you, which is what happened to my friend.

Read the fine print now to save yourself heartaches and headaches later. Learn return policies. I received a blender in the mail with no lid. Company had a no return policy, and they would not exchange it, either. Luckily, I directly wrote the manufacturer and explained my problem, they sent me a lid. Other friends of mine have not been so lucky.

Read and note if the company is allowed to make switches for items of "equal or better quality". If you are purchasing something for a specific use, a switch may not work for you. Be aware.


Shop and Compare

You found the most amazing deal! It comes in the right color, size and perfectly fits all of your needs. Click on purchase now. Don't purchase- yet.

Do a quick comparison online. See who else is offering the same product. Compare with online auction sites as well. Compare shipping as well. Found a good deal still? Buy it.

I was looking for a birthday gift for a niece once. The item she wanted happened to come up on a deal a day site. I searched for about 5 minutes and found the same item for about five dollars less! Great! Then I went to purchase it. The shipping made the item $24.00 higher! I went to the original site and bought it. When you are comparing, always add in the shipping!

How Do You Shop?

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