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Make Money with Google Adsense

Updated on October 28, 2012


Hello, if you are reading this hub, then I can assure you that we already have one thing in common; making some extra cash. Be it to pay the bills, go out for an evening once in a while or just to save up a little nest egg. Any way you look at it, it's an opportunity that almost anyone would find appealing especially in our turbulent economy.

This is where Google adsense comes into play. It's a good way for a wide variety of people with different skill sets to get an introduction to making money online. The amount of money you make is completely up to you based upon the amount of time you can dedicate to it. In all esscence, it is a job which you really do need to work for.

Now, I am not any kind of financial genius, nor am I any sort of web guru, but from the small effort that I have put into this, I have already seen a small amount of money coming in. And by small, I mean literally pennies per day. Not much huh? Well, you are absolutely right. That is not alot of money at all. However, when you take into consideration that I have less than one hour invested in that money that keeps coming in; now there come the possibilities...

The Basics of Google Adsense

 You have most likely seen Google Adsense in action already and really didn't realize it. Or maybe you did. While surfing the web, you notice ads on some pages, and below them you will usually see something like 'Ads by Google'. This is adsense. Take a good look around this particular page you are reading now. See the ads?

 Making Adsense work requires at very least two factors; A Google Adsense account, which is free to set up, and a place to host your ads. Hub pages is a nice place to start because the Adsense functionality is already built in. I will list some Adsense ready sites later on.

 Once you get your Adsense account set up and have somewere to host your ads, you need to embed the code that you get from the Adsense wizard into your page. Adsense then crawls your page and posts relevant ads base on your content. Take a look at some of my other Hubs if you want examples. My Hubs that are about Volkswagen Beetles have ads related to that content. My hub about free computer software has ads related to that.

 So how do you make money? Well, the basic principal, is that advertisers, pay Google to post ads for them. They can choose how often those ads are displayed by how much they are willing to spend. That is a different program called Google AdWords. These ads get displayed with Adsense users content and are meant to attract the attention of the reader. When a reader clicks on one of those ads, YOU make money. Keep in mind that you are making mere pennies per click. The more content that you have out there that people want to read, the more likely you are to get more clicks.

Your Content

I think the biggest hurdle in all of this is the content portion of it. I have found that simply writing about what you know is the easiest solution. I have several hobbies for example. I am restoring a Volkswagen Beetle, so I have written Hub content based on my experiences. I also work on computers for a living. Another topic I have used. Write about your experiences, or something that you feel you know how to do well. Someone may just find it interesting.

Google does have a few types of content that it does not allow. You cannot use copyrighted information without the permission of the author. You cannot use pornographic material or link to such items. You cannot host content that is asking people to click on your ads. There are other guidelines as well, so if you are planning on setting up an Adsense account, make sure that you review all of the terms before getting started. Violating any of the terms might just get you banned.

Two sites that I know of that are Adsense ready are (ofcourse) and These sites are especially easy to get set up on since you don't need to copy and paste any html code into them to get Adsense working. It is already there, so you need only to link to your Adsense account. I started writing here on HubPages about 3 1/2 years ago and have 23 hubs. I could be doing much better, but this is the first hub that I have had a chance to write in a while. If you know of other sites that have Adsense capabilities built in, please leave a comment and let everyone know!

Make Yourself Visible

 Ok, so you got an Adsense account, and you have some content out there on the web. Now, how do you get your content noticed???

If you are using a site like HubPages, you should start seeing page views almost immediately since Hubpages has a searchable database of Hubs which it hosts. They will also be searchable by most search engines as I have found out. So what about other content types? I have used a mix of different methods to get my content seen and have had some decent results. Use as many resources as you can.

 - Search engine submission

 - Social Networking Sites

 - Link Exchange Programs

 - Email

 - Web Forums

 - Word of Mouth

Just use your imagination and let people know about your content in any way that you can.


 After reading this, you should have a basic idea of how Google Adsense works and what it can do for you. This is not meant to be a step by step how to. It is simply to give you some direction on where to start if you are looking for a supplemental income. Don't expect to get rich overnight, but with a little effort and some time, you should make a little extra spending cash at least.

You can go to to sign up.

Thanks for reading!!!


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