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How to attract more money into your life by creating a money magnet

Updated on September 24, 2014

Howt to Use the Laws of the Universe to Attract Money into Your Life

The Philosophy Behind a Money Magnet

A money magnet stands by the idea that money can be drawn to you. Therefore it is not just a technique in how to save money, its a philosophy.

So to really work a money magnet, I had to change the way I thought about money.

A couple of key points about the theory of a money magnet:

  • Money is energy
  • Money is fluid, like the wind, or like the tide going in and out
  • Setting the intent is an extremely important part of creating a money magnet
  • Knowing the rules of using a money magnet is just as important as creating one
  • Money is not limited

But I Only Make So Much Money!

So the "money is not limited" idea can be a tough thought habit to break - but it can be done.

I'll show you how in my mind, I adapted to the idea that money is fluid.

Wealth & Higher Consciousness

Money is Not Limited

Figuring It Out

For most of my life, I believed there was a limited source of money.

OK, lets see, If I make $500 this week, and I spend $200 on bills and $100 on groceries, I have $200 left. So money is numbers and I have to color within the lines.

Why doesn't it always happen that way? What if I get a $50 bonus for opening up that credit card account? Then there's that coupon for $10 off for every $100 spent to shop at a different grocery store. Now I'm ahead, but only $10 for this weeks offer. The $50 won't credit to my account for another 3 weeks.

So my money is different this week, and will be different again in three weeks. Then 2 weeks from now I get a flat tire. Money in - money out. Money is moving around and fluid.

Even though my income technically was the same every week, I could change my thinking and see money differently when I thought of it as fluid.

Money is Energy


Money is Energy

Money is energy. I expend energy (work) to get money. I expend energy to spend money.

I work overtime and expend more energy I get more money.

I don't show up for work and stay at home watching movies...... well.... You get the idea.


Poverty Consciousness or "I can't afford it!"

Poverty consciousness is a state of mind.

It's easier to say, "I can't afford it." But more empowering to say, "I don't want to spend my energy that way."

I really want that tattoo but I can't afford it. Well if I don't pay my electric bill this month I could get the tattoo. It's a choice.

Or, I could get that pretty bracelet, but then I wouldn't be able to buy dog food . . . OK, priority, choices. We make choices in life, every day. Besides I LOVE my dog!

I can flip my hair back and say, "Ahem, I choose not to spend my money that way." It's much more freeing, more empowering, and goes along way towards setting the intent. My dog feels better too.


The RULES of creating and using a money magnet

t's not just about creating (saving) a money magnet, but also using (spending) a money magnet.

Rules for creating a money magnet:

  • Set aside 10% off the top. Right away, the day you get paid. This is tything to yourself.
  • 10%, no more no less. Playing around with more or less taxes the brain, no pun intended.
  • Set it aside as cash. Pay yourself. If you put it in the bank, the bank gets the magnet effect. Look at how much money banks have!

Rules for using a money magnet:

  • Only use your money magnet to create more ways to draw more money to you.
  • Never use all of your money magnet at once.

Just as money is fluid, a money magnet has an ebb and flow as well. There are times to create a money magnet and times to use one. You don't want to get too far out of balance on this.

Pull Money to You


Is it Really a Magnet?

The more you create, the stronger the magnet becomes. The easier it is to create your money magnet.

Isn't this fun!

How I began to build my money magnet

To be honest, starting a money magnet for me was easy. Easy because I put so little away at a time.

I was working as a bartender, so I came home with cash every night. If I came home with $100, I stuck $10 in an envelope and put it in my dresser drawer. Because it was late when I got home and my money was in cash, I wasn't tempted to spend it and I couldn't pay a bill with just $10.

I was able to pay myself first and I was actually surprised at how quickly this built up.

Build Equity


Using the Money Magnet

Remember the rule, use the money magnet on something that has the probability to draw more money to itself. Like a house! - that could draw more money by building equity.

I had been building my money magnet for about two years when I purchased a house in 1994. I used $4,000.00 of my money magnet as a down payment.

I purchased this house for $113,000 and in 2002 I sold the house for $199,000. So I had to look at the purchase of this house as a magnet! What did I do with the profit? Yep, I put it back into my money magnet. Most of it went to the purchase of another property. The rest I kept as money magenet cash.


Taking it to the bank . . . or getting it from the bank!

I'm not bartending anymore, so now when I get paid I physically go to the bank. Before paying any bills, I withdraw 10% in cash.

By getting into the habit of paying myself first and setting aside just 10%, I changed my mind set. And with that, my whole life changed.


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