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How to buy prescription eyeglasses online (for under $20 a pair!)

Updated on October 3, 2011
$6.95 eye glasses
$6.95 eye glasses | Source

Too good to be true?

That's exactly what I thought. I thought it cannot possibly be a good quality; However I didn't have any kind of health insurance or enough money to get a new pair of glasses. I needed a new prescription too, but that would also have to wait. I called the Optometrist I had seen 4 years ago and asked for my eye prescription. The front office chick I spoke with was hesitant to give it to me. Without me saying what I needed it for she told me "You know you can't buy other glasses without your prescription." I said sure, I just wanted the prescription to compare it to my new prescription I had just received - to see if it had changed any.

Your eye doctor is required by law to provide you with your prescription. If for some reason they decline to pass it on, tell them that withholding it is illegal and gently threaten to take your business elsewhere. After an eye test you don’t just pay for the test itself – you’ve effectively paid for the prescription too. In other words, it’s your right to have a copy.

How do I get my prescription?

If you already have one, ask your Optometrist for it!

If you don't have one, go have an exam done and make sure to get the prescription when done.


You need the prescription, plus your PD number. PD stands for: Pupillary Distance

Things to pay attention to..

On the site I purchase from, eyebuydirect, they have glasses in size small, medium, and large. I'm an adult woman and I prefer how the size small looks on me. (I have glasses in all three sizes and they all fit me, I just prefer how small looks on me.

You get what you pay for?

Not in this case.

True Story:

I did finally have another eye exam done last month. I purchased a deal on Groupon. The deal included $150 credit toward new glasses. I got a pair in their cheapest area (I'm not too proud to ask to see the cheap ones, heh) with Polycarbonate lenses. Nothing else special about them! I wanted the anti-reflective coating, because I mostly wear my glasses while on the computer; but they wanted to charge an extra $99 for that, so I declined. Anyhow, with the $150 credit, I still paid $99 for the pair of glasses.

That same day, with my prescription in hand, I went online to eyebuydirect, picked out a style JUST like the ones I got (just was in the color black instead) and I got Polycarbonate lenses and an anti-reflective coating, the total price with shipping was $25. I have purchased glasses for as low as $7 with shipping before. Mine was $25 because I got the polyunsaturate lenses and anti-reflective coating.

Discounts & Coupons!

Never ever buy anything online without googleing to see if they have a coupon code first. This can seriously save you hundreds of dollars a year if you do this (and shop online enough).

Use code IFCXVQYXJL to get 15% off

any order at


For high quality eye glasses

Also remember to keep your eyes safe from harful UV rays! Wear sunglasses!!

I buy inexpensive ones from the company, they are a high quality and come with a life-time guarantee.

My order history



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    • profile image

      Vanessa McKay 6 years ago

      Thanks for the information. I had no idea, I just spend $400 AUD for two pairs of glasses. I will be checking out this site for sure.

    • davenmidtown profile image

      David Stillwell 6 years ago from Sacramento, California

      This is pretty kewl. I just ordered a pair of glasses for under $60. I will give a full report when they arrive. I had a prescription and just plugged in the info. It was very easy and the selection was out of this world