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How to cancel ICICI Bank Credit Card?

Updated on July 1, 2011

After publishing an article on “Harassment On Phone By ICICI Bank DSA” which was regarding the credit card problems I was having and how I settled the card, I am receiving questions regarding credit card settlements and cancellation of credit cards on a frequent basis via emails. Below is an email sent by Mr. Santosh Kumar from New Delhi with my answer on how to cancel any bank’s credit card.

Email Query: My dad owns a credit card by ICICI. He is fed up of it. He wants to cancel it so he tried contacting the bank but did not succeeded in getting through. When I looked in the matter I came to know that the contact for complaints or cancellation is not mentioned. The call done to ICICI bank customer care takes a very long time say approximately 15 to 20 minutes to get in touch and when we get the reply they said to visit a certain branch of ICICI in our area. I did that. There they said we don’t handle credit card complaints here. I guess my dad tried to send a letter and faxed the same to the head office but no reply while they keep on sending bills and since their account is linked to the bank account, they keep on deducting the money directly from my dad’s salary without even taking our permission. I want to know how do I cancel ICICI bank credit card, as it is ruining my family’s personal finances.

Call your bank and talk. Don't wait for them to talk to you but you do it first.
Call your bank and talk. Don't wait for them to talk to you but you do it first. | Source

Answer: Unethical trade practices by big companies are rampant in India and there is no mechanism or body to check them. Due to the generally corrupt atmosphere prevalent, such malpractices are not taken note of. They are a minuscule dot in the amount of cheating that goes on every day that it does not matter to any one. These kind of practical harassments are indulged in by big companies and their inefficient and overpaid employees who only see the company’s interest. They will try to extract any bit of money on this time pretext and there is nobody to complain of. I fully sympathize with you and foretell that you may have to waste a lot of time and money running around. These companies promise you the sky before and once they get your money and you are in problems, they turn their face.

Three Steps to cancel ICICI Bank Credit Card

  1. Take this issue until it is resolved. First give instruction to ICICI bank to cancel the ECS - auto debit for the credit card bill.
  2. Then send a letter to the Credit Card company to their registered address asking them to cancel the card. Also mark a copy of this letter to the appellate authority (necessarily appointed by each bank as per RBIs instruction).
  3. If nothing happens after one month’s time, then contact banking ombudsman in Delhi, visit this link RBI Banking Ombudsman List for the contact numbers and address of 15 banking ombudsmans in India. Name of banking ombudsman for New Delhi is Shri H. Kulshreshtha.

The above steps will definitely help you in cancellation of your ICICI bank credit card and save your personal finances from further deterioration.

Money Management & Credit : How to Cancel a Credit Card

Free yourself from credit card debt
Free yourself from credit card debt | Source
ICICI bank credit card pics
ICICI bank credit card pics | Source
Get free of the burden as soon as possible.
Get free of the burden as soon as possible. | Source
Wow what a relief.
Wow what a relief. | Source

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