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How to deal with harassing credit card accounts collection agents

Updated on August 8, 2011

Debts: Default Credit Cardholders

I have been a default credit cardholder of one of the commercial banks here in the Philippines, and I am being harassed by the rude collection agents for weeks now. First let us discuss the root of the matter.

First of all, I want to make it clear to you that I DID NOT APPLY FOR THE CARD, initially. There came a man to our office, a credit card marketer pushed me to avail of those cards. Financially, that time, I was capable of handling the said card. Later that month, I suddenly received a card without notice. I activated and use it. I was on that time need of a personal laptop for my studies. So, I bought one on an installment basis using the card (it's the only requirement). In the beginning, I was able to settle all the accounts and outstanding balances until one of the family got sick and badly needed financial support for medication. I even used the card to buy costly prescribed medicine and worse, I skip paying monthly dues. I did not go to work for so long, like a couple of months because I was badly needed to stay in the hospital to look after our patient. I was never thinking that the bank would never understand my situation. They are still sending billing statements with many large interests that bloated my total outstanding balance to unacceptable amount of Php 39000 and still increasing because I cannot pay for it. They want me to pay for it fully. Where on earth will I ever get such amount?

When I got back to work and checked my emails, I received an email from the bank informing me that they have endorsed and forwarded my account to their collection agency and that if I want to discuss matters regarding my card, agents from that agency are the ones I need to talk with.

Also the same day, I received the first demand letter from that agency. That letter stated that it was a legal action to demand from me a full payment of my outstanding balance and also pay for legal charges such as attorney's fee and court fees and so may fees. I was really scared and I did not know what to do. So I googled the name of the said agency. There I saw so many complaints from people like me who were also being harassed by those agents. Reading and browsing more, I clicked a link to a blogsite of a man in the name of Mr. Banker (of course it's not his real name).

This blogsite: is a big help for people like me. It let me know the account cycles for default cardholders. Sorry to say that, the language used in this site is "tagalog", our own dialect so you probably won't understand, but not at all because there are some statements in English.

Meanwhile, I can tell you some things I learned from reading the entire site.

1. Once you account has been defaulted for 3 months, the bank will then record it to their write-offs. Meaning, it's already closed and considered it no longer collectible (Bad debts).

2. They sell your account (not the account in the book) to those collection agencies and those collection agents will then start to harass you because the larger the payment you give the higher commission they will get.

3. If you are here in the Philippines, YOU WILL NEVER BE IMPRISONED FOR NON PAYMENT AS LONG AS YOU ARE NOT DEFRAUDING YOUR IDENTITY. So why hide? Don't hide from your debts, face it. If you have nothing to pay, tell them.

4. Those agents are the ones who are giving misleading identities. Police Officer, Lawyer, Officer from the bank, etc. etc. etc... They do that to scare you. Don't be. They did not even go to college.

5. Court (small claims court for cases like this) is your allied. Ask for an amnesty. Ask for a reconstruction of your account. Pay in any way you can. Payment option is in your hands, not them.

6. If these people continue to harass you and scare you, I learned a magic word from Mr. Banker: Tell them "Sue me" .. (they eventually turn into dragons! Become mad because their tactics are being busted)

If you want to help others who are suffering from this situation, let them know. Have them informed about the truth. Share it to them.


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    • profile image

      Jak 18 months ago

      Is there any chances that I will still be approved for a car loan or houseing loan since I already have cancelled credit cards?

    • profile image

      Shiera 24 months ago

      Ask ko po if ang promissory note to pay katulad na din ng contract

    • profile image

      TIn 2 years ago

      Hi! Just received a call from Collection agency,.. ppnta na dw cla dito sa office para sabihin sa management ung kaso ko, 22k ung utang ko, and hndi ko un kayang bayaran ng 1 time lang,.. nakikiusap ako kng pwedeng hulugan ko nlng, ayaw nman, anu ba pede kong gawin dito? ayokong pmnta cla dito sa office para mg eskandalo.

    • profile image

      mike 2 years ago

      question?makukulong ka po ba?pag hindi ka nakapag bayad ng credit card amount of 20k?

    • profile image

      TATA 2 years ago

      Mashadong nakakagago yung collection agency ng BDO, napaka kulit, eh wala pa nga 1 month hindi nababayaran yung Credit Card tawag na ng tawag, tapos i ssubmit daw kuno sa Collections Agency. Puro threats, puro warning, puro kahayupan. Mga lowlife talaga

    • profile image

      ricky 3 years ago

      These collection agencies just can't seem to understand that harassment is punishable by law, under circumstances you could actually bring this about to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Under unfair collection practices or more known as BSP rule 454. ++

    • profile image

      ames 3 years ago

      Don't worry, just tell her that under FDCPA law, she cannot do that kind of harrassment, and get whatever information you can from her identity and record the conversation so that you can file a complain against her or the institution she represent and you will get some money as penalty from them harrassing you.

    • profile image

      Tony 3 years ago

      I guess this is very useful..just yesterday I received a call from someone from the law office and harassing me to pay a certain amount far from what the total amount with interests for years but I could say I still cannot afford to pay 5k for 6 months. What should I do? she is threatening me that she will make make everyone knows about this. I could probably able to pay atleast the first 2 months of the instalment suggested scheme but I am not sure about the remaining 4 months. Would appreciate any help that you could provide since I don't want my work to be affected.

    • profile image

      plex 3 years ago

      hi I have a debt of around 170k in one card and I cannot pay in full mga ilan months na ngayon nangungulit yung CA na bayaran ko daw kahit 120k within this month e wala tlaga ako pambayad ngayon. hingihingi pa pangalan boss ko baka daw pwede nun bayaran tama ba yun? and ano pwede mangyari sa akin pag di ko nabayaran?

    • profile image

      Hazel 4 years ago

      Thank you very much! very helpful :) We are being harassed for years!

    • profile image

      Jovi 4 years ago

      I was receiving plenty of demand letters and now it has final demand within 5 days to dwal with it. I'm scared if they truly filed the civil case. What can i do?

    • profile image

      Joven G 5 years ago

      @ kaye - just tell them you cannot pay at this moment but will do so when your finances improve. Also tell them your mother has a weak heart, had a stroke, diabetes etc.... And that if anything should happen to your mother you will go after them with all means - legal and otherwise.

    • profile image

      Caye 5 years ago

      Hi, just now the before I arrive home. there were 2 guys fr the COllection agency who intro themselves as BDO rep. this is harrassing my family and my mom felt so scared. what should i do??

    • profile image

      banker 5 years ago

      nice one!!!


      diskarte is one word I cannot find any sensible translation in other languages.