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How to fail on fiverr

Updated on April 7, 2013

The only TRUE failure is quitting

The title of this mod says it all - the only true failure in fiverr (and in life) is when you GIVE UP. The rest of what one might label as "failure" is actually just feedback. It's the world's way of saying "WAKE UP! You need to make some changes!"

That being said, there are still some ways to easily ruin your reputation and lose out on countless opportunities on fiverr and in this hub we'll cover the biggest ones.


The best way to under-deliver is to make sure all of your gigs are delivered late and lacking in detail or important resources. Being late is the easy part, though making sure you give too little when you deliver, is a bit more of an art.

If you deliver videos, templates or software, you'll want to make sure the gig only delivers in a format that most people can't use or transfer. A good example is with videos, if you deliver them as a FMV, you'll be giving them the best format, but they won't be able to upload it to youtube or hardly any other platform where they might actually be able to make use of the video you created for them.

Other fiverr freelancers do this by only answering a few questions, only delivering part of a book or report, or by some other means of under-delivery. Get creative here. If you really want to fail on fiverr you want to make that $5 the worst they've ever spent.

Promise what you can't deliver

This one is pretty famous as a failure tactic and is used by many fiverr sellers who are new to the zone. It also compliments the first step pretty well, as part of breaking your promises is delivering late and under-delivering.

Though in order to truly make promises you can't keep, you want be as grandiose as possible. Promise your buyers that they'll get rich, find true happiness or change the world for the better if they order your gig. Better yet, promise them unique superhuman powers that no one else has.

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Break all the rules

Fiverr absolutely hates competition, which is why they've made sure you do not share a single shred of contact information with your fiverr buyers. That means no skype, no phone numbers, no emails, no talks about more money or bigger and brighter opportunities. They want you and your buyers to stay on fiverr through your relationship with them.

Fiverr also wants you to deliver top notch services for that $4 and they expect that you'll obey. When you don't, they'll warn you once or twice but then the niceties are over and they will put the smack down on you quicker than you can say Mary Poppins.

So if you're truly determined to fail on fiverr, make sure you break these two specific rules. With the above two tips you'll have no problem breaking the TOS, though sharing and asking for contact info will really tip the scales and get you banned. Aside from quitting, that is the ultimate way to fail on fiverr.


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