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How to Find Surveys that Pay Cash Money

Updated on August 29, 2017

Money can grow on trees!


We've all seen the teasers and the ads, promising to pay lots of money for doing all sorts of things. From mystery shopping to surveys, there is no shortage of offers. While I've tried several avenues to try to make a little extra money, the easiest one thus far has been the surveys. But don't choose just any survey. Some, like e-rewards offer points to be redeemed for items, only I can never figure out how many reward point I have. And honestly, my time is too valuable to sit and answer 15 minutes of questions for a few points. I need cash money and I don't want to give up too much of my time.

Recently, a woman told me about a website called Greenbook that she uses. I took her advice and signed up. What a mistake!!! It's the exact site I was trying to avoid with pseudo offers and never-ending surveys that offer only points in return. Ugh! Bottom line, it's hard to know who to trust on the web.

Legitimate Places

So how do you find legitimate places to make money? First thing I did was ask around. That's how I found out about the majority of the places I'm about to tell you. My next advice is to try to google the key words like "market research" and your state. Then compare those sites with the legitimate ones I'm going to give you.

Pay varies from $35 to over $200 per survey. Most pay with a prepaid card but sometimes I get a check and every once in awhile I get CASH. Time of survey also varies from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Many of them conduct the surveys at their facility but I did one at a hotel and another at the client's office.

One week I got lucky and qualified for 2 surveys. I made almost $200! That money could not have come at a better time.


  • say you haven't done a survey in the last 6 months
  • say you can easily share your opinion with others
  • be courteous and friendly with the call screener
  • talk to others while you wait to find other similar opportunities
  • be honest about your age, family, race; lies are hard to keep up with
  • choose a time that works with the least traffic wait

Check out the new information!!
Check out the new information!!

A New Place!!!

I recently went to a survey and began speaking to one of the other participants and she told me about another survey company called Delve. The have offices all over the country like Atlanta, Wisconsin, Chicago, Dallas, St. Louis, etc. Go on their website and complete their in-depth questionairre. I just did mine so I can't wait to see when they'll contact me. This new friend I met said her friend did a survey that paid her $300 for a home study on air freshners. Wow!

Let's Help Each Other

Maybe you know of some other survey companies you can post on my blog and help others.


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    • my_girl_sara profile image

      Cynthia Lyerly 4 years ago from Georgia

      OMG. So sorry. Stay strong. Sending up a prayer for you. Hope you get some surveys!

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 4 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Thank you so much for this!!!! I am on disability because of epilepsy a few tumors on my brain that are starting to grow again. This will help me a lot. You have no idea how much this hub has helped me. Wish I could vote you up more then once!

    • my_girl_sara profile image

      Cynthia Lyerly 5 years ago from Georgia

      Good luck. Hope you make some money. I wrote the blog because of all of those other sites that only offer points or promises. Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      Alise- Evon 5 years ago

      Thank you for the information. I, briefly, tried one online survey company, but stopped as it really was not worth my time trying to accrue "points." I noticed that Delve has a location near me, so am going to check them out for sure.

    • my_girl_sara profile image

      Cynthia Lyerly 5 years ago from Georgia

      I recently did a survey with PVR and made $55. I promise that the ones I wrote about DO pay. Schlessinger paid me $100 for a fast food survey in that same week. There are legitimate ones out there but unfortunately there are scams as well. That's why I've given you a list.

    • profile image

      tjbr52 5 years ago

      good luck with any survey that pays out more than $5. I started out on the internet with surveys. Don't bother.