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How to get a debt collector to stop calling you FOREVER!!

Updated on November 29, 2012

Okay, this is about debt collections calls. Unless you are in the small percentage of Americans who get to live debt free, you have had a collection call at some point in your life.

Well let me let you in on some secret information, being that I have worked in collections for years, I will teach you how to get the calls to stop forever. Okay, well maybe not forever, but for such a long time you will forget about it, or be able to get a new number they cannot trace.

Some people say they feel harassed when someone calls them about owing a debt. Some people understand that they owe money and are in hard times and can't pay but deal with the calls. Some people just don't care about credit or paying any of their bills and just accept the calls.

Well it can stop. There is a standard way to get any collection company to stop by law, which is sending them a "cease and desist" letter. I will get into laws and things of that nature in another hub, but for now cliff notes will do. The letter is the legal way to send a request to stop all telecommunications in regards to this debt. Now if they sell the debt or send it off to another company to collect, I believe that you have to re-do the letter.

But there is a way to get collectors to stop calling you right now, without having to write a letter, get postage and envelope and sending a correspondence. Now keep in mind, if you are dealing with a company that does not follow laws, they won't care and will still call you. But also keep in mind, if they break the law, you can get your debt cleared off your record and possibly get a settlement check, more on that in another hub as well.

When you get that call on the phone saying that you owe a debt, verify your information so they know it is you. Once that has been established, you can tell them that the line they are calling is your "work" phone number and BY LAW and FDCPA regulations they cannot call that number again. Now it doesn't have to be your work number, you just tell them that it is, and there is no way they can prove it is or isn't. The ball is in your court on this one. Say that the number they called is your work number and your employer doesn't allow personal calls and you could be fired if they call again. If the person on the line is smart they will delete that number from the system and never call that number again.

I know this from being a collector on the phone, I collected on old car repo's, credit cards, furniture accounts, hospital bills, etc.

Some collectors will skip-trace, which means look for alternate numbers, place of employment info, and even call your neighbors and relatives. Stay posted on my page and I will give more secrets to debt collections and telemarketing that you may not have known. Hope I helped someone!

- Gritty

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