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How To Get Free Entertainment

Updated on May 22, 2013
Street Festival - Toronto, Canada
Street Festival - Toronto, Canada

Many things in life are still free if you know where to look. Entertainment is one of those things that has always traditionally been free in our society. Parties and communal gatherings were a way to bring everyone together around the fire and socialise. As our society becomes increasingly more complex however, companies have found ways to take over and tap into our desire to have fun for their own profit. Why should fun come with a pricetag?

I am beginning to see more and more families shun these spendthrift ways and get back to the simple ways of staying entertained. If you are like the millions of Americans who would like to have some extra cash at the month here are a few great ways to stay entertained for free.

1. Internet For Free

You might think this one is impossible but I know many people who get their internet connection for free and they use that to get all of their entertainment needs for free as well.

So many people set up their wireless routers at home without setting up a password to block outsiders. Maybe they do it on purpose to share the connection or by accident. The point is there are many wirelesss internet connections floating around suburbia waiting to be tapped into. If you happen to get kicked off, simply try a different connection.

If borrowing the internet off of your neighbors isn't your thing, then consider asking them for permission. Many homes have their internet connected to just one computer and find it a waste to pay so much for internet. if you offered to do favors for them and followed through I'm sure they would have no problem sharing their internet connection with you.

  • If you are borrowing an internet connection don't download illegal material as this could get their internet subscription suspended.

2. Books For Free

This is an age old concept but worth mentioning all the same. Books have always been free at the library, but for some reason people prefer to buy their own books. If you don't already have one, get a library card and start reading books there from your local library. Most modern libraries now offer free music and movies in addition to books.

Other places to get free books are from friends, online (like on ebay or Craigslist) and at your local recycling depot. Garage sales might also be a good place to get books for free as people look to downsize their library collections.

3. Television For Free

Remember when your basic local channels used to be free? Well they still are, and I'm not talking about stealing cable either. You can get free satellite TV by using a standard Free-To-Air satellite receiver. It will get you all of your basic channels for free with the option of purchasing additional pay packages are there if you so choose.

Additionally, if you are able to tap into getting free internet you will be able to watch many TV shows that are broadcast online. So you don't have to fall behind or miss out on that show everyone is talking about.

4. Movies For Free

If you have the TV set up with free to air you should be able to catch a few movies on Friday and Saturday nights. If you want to get more of a variety you could always borrow movies from your friends or from the library.

If that isn't possible or no one seems to have the movie you want to watch, you could always use the free internet that you get to download free movies. You can do this by way of video streaming or downloadable torrents. Simply search and download your favorite movie torrent and watch the movie off of your computer.

You might also be surprised to learn that many people discard their old DVD's. Finding a boxload of free DVD's on Craigslist is a great way to add to your collection.

5. Free Community Events

Your local community is a great place to find free outdoor entertainment. You might be surprised at how many events are going on right in your own backyard. Street festivals, parades, expositions, etc... are just a few things that might be going on right in your backyard. Check your local newspaper or community website for more information.


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    • ryan.macintyre profile image

      ryan.macintyre 7 years ago from Calgary AB Canada

      Don't forget about on-demand t.v tons of it on sites like global.

    • Betty Reid profile image

      Betty Reid 8 years ago from Texas

      Great reminder about the library!

    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 8 years ago

      Looks like some of the best things in life are free! :)