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How to get registered with Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) - Complete Guide?

Updated on August 24, 2016

Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)

How to Get Register with Punjab Revenue Authority

As a result of Eighteenth Amendment in the Constitution, the Provinces of Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan and K.P.K. have levied sales tax on services. The sales tax is levied through the Acts/Ordinances passed by the Provincial Assemblies. These are the Sindh/Punjab/K.P.K. Sales Tax on Services Acts. Consequent to these Acts of the parliaments, following authorities come into existence:

  1. Punjab Revenue Athority (PRA)
  2. Sindh Revenue Athority (SRA)
  3. KPK Revenue Authority (KPKRA)
  4. Blochistan Revenue Authority (BRA)

This is a small effort to help general public to resolve many problems faced by them in getting themselves register and filing the sales tax returns with Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) as under.

How to get registered with Punjab Revenue Authority(PRA)?

It is very easy to get register with Punjab Revenue Authority in case you already have National Tax No.(NTN) allotted by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). In such case, you need to follow the following steps:

Visit the official website of Pakistan Revenue Authority

and click on the tab “e-Registration” as under:

Registering with Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)

  1. There are three options for registration with P.R.A. which are defined as under:

In case you have National Tax No. and filing your income tax/sales tax returns with Federal Board of Revenue it is very easy to get register with P.R.A. For new registration having N.T.N one has to click on the option “New Registration having N.T.N.”. This will take you to the following screen:

  1. Mention your N.T.N. and image character in the relevant boxes and press “OK”.
  2. A registration form will appear, which will contain all the data which was provided by you while obtaining your N.T.N. Please note that if your N.T.N. was old and cell No. and email was not mentioned at that time, you have to update your profile by giving all the details. Please mention the mobile No. which is in your name and email which is in your common use.
  3. In the relevant files mention your personal details, particulars of your representative (if any). After completing the particulars press the button “Save Registry”.
  4. Please fill all the other details like; Directors / Shareholders particulars, Add Other Activities, Business / Branches, Bank Account. After carefully filling in the relevant fields click on the save button and get a print of the said form. Thereafter click on ‘verify’ and ‘submit’, to submit your application with P.R.A. for registration.

After succession submission of registration form, you will receive your username, password and pin code so as to enable you to file your sales tax return with P.R.A. and pay your taxes on Punjab sales tax on services.

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Registering with Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)

Registration if one has National Tax No. (NTN) but he receive the message “No taxpayer found”

If one has National Tax No (N.T.N) but error message emerges as "No Taxpayer Found" please make sure that N.T.N mentioned by you is correct. If the message still appears you will have to submit your particulars containing your N.T.N, C.N.I.C and other particulars to The said email should contain the subject: “Add N.T.N in database. You may also contact via their helplines:


In the memorandum of the said email please provide following details:

  1. NTN
  2. Business Name
  3. Service Category

You will receive the response from Punjab Revenue Authority (P.R.A.) very shortly and your problem will be resolved.

Registration of the persons if one has no National Tax No. (N.T.N)

If you have no National Tax No. (N.T.N.) and do not file your income tax and sales tax returns, the Punjab Revenue Authority (P.R.A.) will allot you a Provisional Registration Certificate. The said certificate will be valid for 30 days. Obviously, within this period of time you will be issued N.T.N by the F.B.R. The taxpayers will be able to submit the return of sales and get the password and pin code. Though 30 days is a sufficient time to get your N.T.N, which is a procedure of just minutes now, if you did not get the N.T.N within this time period your registration with P.R.A will be cancelled and you will be informed via e-mail provided by you at the time of registration.

After the approval of your application for registration by the concerned Revenue Officer Punjab Revenue Authority (P.R.A) will issue you a P.N.T.N.

How to get e-enrollment

For E-enrollment click on the “New E-enrollment” if you have N.T.N just mention your N.T.N. and image in the relevant boxes and press the “submit” button. Thereafter activation and Pass code will be sent through S.M.S and Email. Then again visit the P.R.A site and Click on ‘e-Enrollment’ and select ‘Enrollment Activation’. Enter P.N.T.N, Activation & Pass Codes, and Image Character. Enter New Password and New PIN Code to login the website of P.R.A and to submit your sales tax return on services.


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    • profile image

      Imran 21 months ago

      Good efforts to guide the people to get themselves registered with PRA. It is very easy and simple. Alas, the FBR may also make it easier to get registered for sales tax through IRIS.

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