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How to sell anything on Craigslist and make money ---

Updated on April 12, 2015

Overcluttered? check this out

As a mom of 4,we accumulate a lot of stuff,books,clothes,toys,video games, bicycles and so much more.I figured out years ago that craigslist was the best place to go.Not only is is great for decluttering your house,but also you can make a dollar.Those dollars Add up,so you can afford to get new books,clothes, toys,video games and bicycles.Especially if you purchase them second hand from craigslist.I want to share with you everything I have learned from successfully selling on craigslist

Valuable Tips

1.Use a Great Title : don't use baby Items or Toys be specific like double stroller,
or Little people farm set.People will not bother most of the time to look at ads if they don't know what you are selling.
Same is true with tools or household items try to tell as much as you can
in the title,like,the maker of the product ,colors quantity.

2.Make the pictures stand out and take clear pictures of what you have.
Close up pictures, and good lighting will make your post more interesting.

3.If you have a group of items that are related such as; group of baby and toddler toys,
group them together for one price,instead of listing them separately.

4. don't overprice your items no one is going to want to spend store prices for a used Item.
try to look up what it is selling for in the store currently, just because you paid a lot for an item 2 years ago doesn't mean that it is worth much now.

5.Avoid Spam if someone is asking you if the "item is available" and not being specific don't bother..if you think something doesn't seem right,leave a phone number or text number and tell them to contact you.

6.Meet people in a public place, and write in your ad the distance that you are willing to travel and keeping in mind the cost of gas.Estimate time away from your location so your are not meeting someone and for a 20 dollar profit and using it in gas Expenses.

7. Don't put FIRM on price listing, this scares people away.Just put a higher price than you are looking for,and write best offer.

8.Don't over post, but you can re post later if someone isn't interested one day.
They might have missed it and if you post it at a later time they might spot it before it gets covered up with other posts.

9 Sometimes it helps to find out what people on craigslist are selling that same item for, so you can sell it slightly cheaper than average.

10. make sure that what you are selling if it takes batteries if it needs them make sure you get them so,they can try the product out first.

Technical Side-How to make your own craigslist posting step by step

1: Go

2: Select your state or country.

3.Click on city closest to you.

4.Choose category that's appropriate for your item.

5.Hit post in corner.

6.Make a Craigslist account.

7.Fill out all information On screen.

8.Click on Add photos

9. Click Publish

10.Congratulations you made your first Craig's list post.

Xbox 360 for sale?

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craigslist help

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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 7 years ago from The Country-Side

      I agree that kids don't get a chance to wear clothes out

      and I love Craigslist. Your Idea is great too.

      Thank you Sunnie Day

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 7 years ago

      Very good advice....Also I always traded clothes with friends as the kids grew. My daughter has bins that she and her friends also swop clothes as they grow.The outfits are like new as they grow so fast.