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Turn your unwanted items into hard cash at a car boot sale

Updated on February 23, 2015

Car boots sales in Leicestershire

Need money fast? Then try seling at the Car Boot Sale

There is one answer -find all your unwanted items and sell them at the local car boot sale.You can sell most items at a Car Boot sale. If you check the cupboards in your home you will find, books, clothes- some which are outgrown and some which you simply don't fancy wearing any more. You may have kitchen items and plates which you have not used or small items of furniture which you have put in the back of the garage. Before you go to the car booty sale check if there are any prohibited items- some are really strict about new goods- they might let you sell say a present in an unopened box but then again they might not

Clutter happens- remove it

We have lived in our house since we were married and have had three children some of whom are adults. The house is bulging at the seams with unwanted items. I had a look around the house and realised that in some rooms we could not move for stuff. My main problem was that even if we found items to get rid of there was no room to store them anywhere - not even somewhere to make a pile of items to take to a sale!

My middle daughter, is an absolute darling when it comes to throwing things out- ruthless to the last degree. I left her alone for the day in our storeroom and came home to find all the bins full and a trip to the waste tip was needed- she had got rid of all the absolute rubbish. You will recognise what I mean, the newspapers from two years ago, the books with torn covers and the old cushions you put in there which are now mildewed with damp. As a result of her efforts we now had room to sort our junk.

Last year I spent a little money and a lot of time at auctions and came away with absolute bargains, the only problem was that when I bought the bargain I also bought the rest of the lot which tended to be junk, so I was buying one nice vase and 15 odd plates- they all had to be got rid of!. Vicky and I carefully wrapped these up and added them to our pile

Clothes and Toys, it all goes in the sack.

My eldest daughter added a large bag of clothes to our pile, all in good condition but as she ruefully said “ they don’t fit me, I wont see size 6 again” My son refused to take part in the exercise, his possessions, meager as they are ,consist of pirate ships and star wars models so nothing from him. I politely explained to my husband that his old clothes were only suitable for the rag and bone man, and even then only if he truly wanted rags!

At the end of this exercise we had an enormous bundle of stuff which filled my Galaxy Estate car to the gills, my poor daughter had to sit with a large flower pot in her lap.

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Car Boot sales start early

The car boot starts early, about 6am so we left home at 5:30 am just in time to meet the eldest coming home in a taxi from a night on the town. Why are you up so late? She said! You do need to get up early to get the best pitches!

Arriving at the car boot we handed our £6 to the teller on the gate and followed the instructions to pull the car onto the next space. You have to park tightly as every inch of space is needed. Unloading was a bit of a game as we had put the tables in the car first and had to get all the stuff out. We used paste tables to display our goods.(These are the tables that decorators use when they are pasting wallpaper) Even whilst we were unpacking dealers were asking “any mobiles” “any gold” – short answer “no” just tat. Some of the dealers were really aggressive trying to look in the car before we had unloaded it- It's not in my nature to be rude to people but it took a lot not to be rude to them. "Keep out of my car" was all I could bring myself to say

Price to sell unless you want to make a second income

We priced our goods according to our need to get rid of them, the bigger they were then the cheaper they were priced. The large ornate vase that Vicky had on her lap went for 50p hurrah! We weren't proud , 10p is 10p after all. The public arrived in large numbers from 8 o clock onwards. We live in a multi cultural city but I was amazed that so many of customers had eastern European roots- obviously our tat must have appealed to them.

By lunch time we were exhausted. The last straggling customers could not be persuaded to take anything else so we started to pack up. Amazingly there was a lot less in the car than when we started out- we didn’t realise that we had sold so much. Once home and armed with a strong cup of tea I counted our earnings £67.39 not bad for a days work?

So if you check your cupboards for clothes, books, plates and pots as we did you could make money at your local car boot sale

Car Boot Tips

  • Set the alarm clock, you don't need to oversleep
  • Take everything- your tat is another man's gold
  • Take lots of change as you will be dealing in pence rather than pounds
  • Take warm clothes a hot drink and food- you can get cold and hungry
  • Pack your sense of humor, you will need it
  • Get a friend to come with you to share the joy or the misery

A lighthearted look at the car boot


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