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How to make money from micro niche sites

Updated on May 25, 2014

The ideal dream

As we all know, the economy is still in a bit of a state as it stands just now. Whilst the number of available jobs are improving, the wage itself is sadly not.

Far too often I'm hearing people say that they wish they were getting more money each month and yet they're not doing anything about it. No, it's not easy getting more money, but is is possible. It's just that people aren't taking the plunge and doing it.

Using Micro Niche Sites

One way that a lot of people are earning through the internet is by using HubPages to generate a revenue. For long time users, you'll all know that it's a great way to get a modest income each month. Whilst it won't set the world on fire with how much of an income you'll be getting as the old adage goes; every little helps.

However, as you'll know, HubPages does take some of the earnings that you receive when you start publishing articles with them. Another alternative is to build your own Micro Niche Site.

A micro nice site (MNS) is one which focuses on a specific area. This is a really tight market and could be based on a wide variety of things, such as 'the best adjustable dumb bells'. In fact, many people have built websites around that very keyword. Regardless, when you're making your own MNS you want to nail it down that you're working in a tight area so that there's minimal competition.

This may seem alien to some people, but with regards to this type of website, the lower the competition, the greater the chance that your website will be ranked higher in the search engines. This is a crucial factor in making as much money from the site as possible. With an MNS, you'd never target a massive search term like 'best dentists in Califronia', but rather you could target a term such as 'best teeth whitening procedures'.

How much can I earn?

This is the biggest question people have on their mind when they're reading to start a new venture of a job. When it comes to a MNS, the sky really is the limit. Whilst we won't go into building a site here (the link above goes into it in a large amount of detail), it does have to be of a good standard and in readable English.

In all honesty, the possibilities are endless in how much money you can make off of them. Obviously the most appropriate route of income would be from Google Adsense. Depending on your main keyword for the site and with the amount of traffic you're getting, I would estimate that you could earn a maximum of $1,000 per month per site. However, this is just through Adsense.

If your MNS is based on a particular product that can be sold on Amazon, then you'll also be able to add in your Amazon Associates link to your website, much like you can here on HubPages. Depending on the price of the product and the amount of traffic that you get each month, it wouldn't be impossible to get a few hundred dollars monthly from Amazon.

Now, there will be an initial cost involved in setting this up, as well as spending your own time. However, with a potential extra income of up to $1,400 per month, this is a great wage. A lot of individuals then make even more websites after their initial one is up and running to further increase their earnings each month.

This really is a great way to boost your revenue. However, it does require a lot of effort on your part to make sure that the site is of the highest possible quality. This will aid your sites ranking, and if it's a quality site, it further increases the chances of people sharing your site through their chosen social networks.

The rest is up to you

Whilst this is a brief over view of making money online, it is a great and legitimate way to get an additional income. If you're needing any help or assistance in setting up your site then please feel free to leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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