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How to make money on

Updated on April 26, 2016

1. Write a long review

The first way to make money on slicethepie is to try and write very detailed reviews. The more in-depth your review of the song is then the more money you will make for each review. I would suggest writing between 200-300 words per review so if you are a fast typed then you should be able to fit all of this into the length of the song.

2. Make it quick. Make it snappy.

Another method you can use to make some quick money on slicethepie is by writing really small reviews in the 90 seconds you have to listen to the song. Sure, by doing this you are not making as much money per review but the chances are it will add up as you can write more reviews in the same amount of time. This method works especially well if you are not the best or most experienced writer. This method can also be used in unison with this next method...

3. Write whatever you like

I don't care if it is an opera, you could write that you loved the rap part in the middle or or thought the electric guitar was too loud. Now this method is mainly for those who are not the best writers, so ,as you can probably expect,you will not receive the most money from each review. However does pride itself on giving in-depth and helpful reviews to the artists that put their music on it so I would not recommend this method for you but it is worth a try every now and again to just get those reviews over with.

4. Review as often as you can

Niw this one goes without saying, but the more reviews you do then the more money you are going to make. Now because there is more and more songs being put onto slicethepie everyday I would definitely recommend just using the site whenever you have any spare time to just make a little cash. Want to listen to some music? Why not get paid for it? This is an easy method of making a little cash so why not do it yourself.

5. Type as you listen

The fastest way to complete a review is to write it whilst you are still listening to the music as you type. This is a way to complete reviews fast if that is what you want to do because by the time the 90 seconds you must to listento the song for is up by then so you can just submit the review straight away. However this method also works for those who want to write very long and detailed reviews because it lets you get everything down when you think of it instead of having to remember it until the end of the song, this way you can get down every aspect of the song to make the most money per review as possible.

Sign Up Now!

If you are not already a member of then you should sign up now and start earning money today. Sign up at . If the link doesn't work then try just copy and paste the link into your browser.


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    • Gerald Fitz profile image

      Gerald Fitz 20 months ago

      Thanks for the info!

    • Gregory Vic profile image

      Greg de la Cruz 24 months ago

      Awesome suggestion! I'll be sure to check this out!!!