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How to manage your bills online

Updated on February 23, 2011
When managing bills become a headache
When managing bills become a headache | Source

When managing bills is easy as taking a picture

How to manage your bills ? How to get rid of all those bills ? Where did that bill go ? If you are ever involved in some service that requires paying bills, then you will know what a headache managing bills can be, and that is where a semi automated service like Shoeboxed can help you out. Shoeboxed is a service that helps you mange your bills online, they will accept all your current bills and manually enter them to your secure Shoeboxed account and in the future all you have to do is take a picture of your bill, upload it to your account and that will be human verified and manually entered to your Shoeboxed account. Those bills will be categorized according to store names, payment types and many other categories that you can define as well. Also you can export these data into many formats like csv and pdf. Shoeboxed is also integrated with popular personal finance software like freshbooks so you can easily prepare reports, tax claims etc. If you are very disciplined then you can do this manually using a spreadsheet software, but if you are that disciplined I doubt you will be reading this article. So checkout Shoeboxed!.

Features of Shoeboxed

Below are some of the amazing features available to your in Shoeboxed.

  • Ability to mail in your existing bills so they can be scanned, human verified and added to your Shoeboxed account.
  • Ability to take pictures of your bills and send it to Shoeboxed where they will be human verified and entered to your secure account
  • Ability to take pictures of your business cards and add them to your account
  • Ability to categorize your bills by store name, expense type and a lot more categories.
  • Integrated with popular finance software like Freshbooks, Evernote, Batchbook and
  • Different monthly installment plans to suit everyone's needs
  • Free iPhone apps for easy integration with your iPhone
  • Ability to export your date into different formats like csv and pdf.

As you can see Shoeboxed is a great way to focus on your business instead of the paperwork. If you are still not convinced why don't you check out what other top media like The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Mashable has to say about Shoeboxed. View Shoeboxed in the worldwide Press

Video explaining how Shoeboxed works


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