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How to market with e-mail lists?

Updated on August 27, 2011

E-mail Marketing

Slow down working on website traffic, there is a new boss in town

Have you ever spent a lot of time doing research on the internet looking for something to do that doesn't consume much of your time? Most people who surf the internet daily often feel the same way. There is just so much information out there, that it is completely overwhelming for both the reader and the marketer to take it all in. So what kind of things are fun and easy to use without consuming so much of your time spent on the internet?

E-mail Marketing

So why would anyone really consider e-mail marketing as fun? Well, probably because they have never done it, and therefore they don't understand how fun it could actually be. It's like trying a new food or a new ingredient in your favorite spaghetti sauce. Most people overlook the realities of general e-mail lists, and how much fun it can actually be. E-mail list marketing is when you have a huge list of people that have either sponsored your website, signed up for a news letter or just enjoyed hearing what you have to say. Email list marketing is for someone who generally enjoys communicating out what they like to say and what they want people to read.

How do you get people to listen to you without them unsubscribing to your e-mails? E-mail Marketing tends to turnoff the Entrepreneur looking to be a successful internet marketer looking for a big payday on the internet. Often, E-mail marketing is overlooked by many as just another way of spamming a list of email accounts. Spammers are the ones who typically have nothing useful to offer the reader and therefore tends to get people to hit the delete button. A true e-mail marketer is someone that does not spam and is a professional willing to provide information that a reader really enjoys to read. This is someone who tends to let the product sell by itself without a sales pitch for say. It only makes sense, right? If you were to constantly pound someone with the same old e-mails trying to sell something every minute of the day, you are guaranteed to loose Customers. So it is important that you keep people reading in what you have to say and how you deploy the product you are selling. Its also important to know and understand everything about a product first before you send out an e-mail to your list.

How do you make an e-mail list

Any internet marketer can start to bring in new Customers through many different avenues. You can bring in new Customers from your website, newspapers, classified ads, forums or blogs. However, It is not an easy task, especially if you are just starting e-mail marketing.

Where to obtain E-mail lists

One day you wake up in the morning, and the sun is shining, the sky is blue and its just another perfect day in your home or business world! You log into a website, copy and paste some email ad and you press send and you just emailed a mass amount of people. You expect to profit by some substantial amount of money or so for that mailing, But then you wake-up! It was just a dream and then you fall back a sleep. You wake up again, do a search on the internet and find a list provider such as List Joe. You search around and realize that there must be something to this. A gimmick or yet another quick sell website just trying to make more money for another ineffective product. But it's not! Its a real product that costs 0 dollars for anyone looking for an e-mail list that will enhance your readers and help you gain followers.while you market the internet.

The interesting facts about List Joe is that it is absolutely free and they give you a 5,000 starter e-mail list to send out your product information. It is a free Service and its neat! There are many different tools to use and they give you credits for watching videos that are 20 seconds long. On average you receive 30 credits per video. These 30 credits can be used for an additional e-mail list of 30 more people. The more videos you watch, the more credits you earn. At the same time you can earn money if any of your readers are interested in your product. I highly recommend any affiliate Marketer to take advantage of this free tool.

Earn while sending out to your free e-mailing Lists


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