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How to pay your Bills Always on Time

Updated on May 26, 2009

It is always a happy event finding bills in the mail, the billing companies always look forward to contacting you and they will always certainly be courteous enough to make sure you get a letter from them every month. However, forget to pay those bills for one month and you will be given a nice pinch with their penalty fees. Then refrain from paying that penalty fee and you will be sent straight to their collection agency. Keeping up in paying bills can be definitely a major hassle in the hustle and bustle of your busy lifestyle, but for sure you do not want to learn how to pay your bills the hard way. Following are some organization tips to help you remember that your phone, electric and gas do not come free of charge.

Paying your Bills: Organization Tips

-Pay Right Away

Got a bill? Leave it on your kitchen table and do not have dinner until you have written a check and placed it in an envelope with a stamp on it. One of the best ways to avoid from forgetting about a bill is to simply do that: get it, pay it and post it. It is as simple as that. There are known cases of bills ending up in the middle of nowhere with people not even having a clue about them. Dogs could have chewed them, you kids may have made a paper airplane out of the of your spouse may have tossed it with junk mail. Then eons later, you almost faint after getting that call from a collection agency.

-Set Automated Payments

This is perhaps the best option if you are forgetful or distracted. You will provide your credit card number or bank account number and the billing company will keep it  on file. Then, they will automatically withdraw your money when time for paying the bill will come. There is are no hassles, you do not spend money on postage and you help nature because there will be less need for trees to produce that paper bill. Only disadvantage? You have little control on how much they charge you and little space for disputes if you do not keep an eye on your withdrawals. Your cable company may be charging you for movies on demand you have never heard of, so keep an eye open of what is being charged every month.

-Use Financial Software

There are helpful spreadsheets that may help you organize your bill payments. These spreadsheets help you make sure you pay everything  on time each month.  Sometimes you can even organize alerts to pop up on your computer's calendar reminding you when it is time to pay that bill. 

-Use your Calendar

This is the old fashioned way to pay your bills. Every time you get a bill in the mail check the due date,  then  go to your calender and  7-10 days prior to the due date (or how many days prior you are comfortable paying) mark on the calendar the billing's company and under place a big square. When that day comes, pay your bill, send it  and place a nice big  red check on that box. If you wish,  you may also add details such as writing down the check number and the amount. 

As seen, there are various methods to ensure you get those bills paid on time.And try your best to avoid those late charge fees, there are so many better ways you can spend your money other than making utility companies rich!

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