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How to win jobs on freelance websites

Updated on May 29, 2013

What is a freelance website?

Many people want to make money. Yes, as I said, making money is not so easy! But with special skills, hardworking, imagination and enough patience to wait for your opportunity, you can earn money. There are so many ways to earn money, in fact, everything could make money. So the most important thing is not what to do, but how to do.

Today, I will show you one way to make money. Have you ever heard about freelance websites? A freelance website is a freelancing and outsourcing marketplace, employers there would like to hire you to work in software, writing, data entry ,design, accounting and legal services. You can be hired by employers all over the world, and you can work wherever you want, maybe at home or maybe on a journey. Yes, I am also a freelancer, and I had ever done jobs on a train. So if you can win jobs there, dollars will come to you.

So, let's begin.

Step 1: Preparations

Before you can bid on a project, you need to do some preparations:

1. You need an account, and if you don't have one, sign up.

2. Write a good profile. A good profile will bring you more opportunities. Not every employer wants you to bid on a job, some of them want to choose freelancers directly. They will check the freelancers' list, and view their profiles. If you have relevant experience, you will win the jobs, and other people would never ever know these jobs. So give more details about your experiences, and give yourself more opportunities to win jobs.

3. Choose a better profile picture. Every employer wants to hire people who had worked for him before. This will allow them to be assured, and bring you more incomes. So choose a better profile picture, let the employers to recognize you faster than with just a username.

4. Prepare a portfolio. Show employers what You're worth.

Step 2: Select skills and take exams

After you have chosen skills. You can only be able to bid on projects which match your skills. And the website will inform you by email if new jobs match your skills have been posted.

But on some of the freelance websites, there is a limit to the number of skills which could be selected. So choose skills carefully.

There are a range of technical exams which allow you to certify your skills to potential employers. Some of the exams are free while the others cost you money. Remember, more and better feedbacks will bring you money, not these exams. This is only a tool which used to make money by the websites. So if you are a new freelancer, never take exams which need fees. After all, no one wants to pay before they could earn. Then, when you have earned some money and have to bid on a project which ask you to pass these exams, you can take these exams.

Step 3: Bid on the projects

Ok, let's begin to bid now. Winning jobs by bid is very important. Before you have won jobs on the website, you have no feedbacks, you wouldn't be on the top of the freelancers' list, and you will never been chosen by the employers directly. So winning a job by bid will be the only way to open the door to earn money.

But win your first bid will never be so easy. Ask yourself, if you are an employer, you open a project and many freelancers come to bid. Who will you choose to get your job? Yes, you will check the list, to check the following things:

1. The price and the time to finish this job

This will be easily understand. Every employer wants to get his jobs done with the lowest price and the shortest time. So if you can see other people's bid, you have to check the bids everyday to change your bid frequently.

2. The description of your bid

This will help the employer to know how seriously you take this job. Why? Because every employer has different requires, and they will mention this in their descriptions for their projects. Some of the emplyer need you to report your progress everyday, some of them need you to show demos or use a special software. If you have bid the same price and time as other freelancers, but responded to their special requires while other freelancers not, you know what will happen. Yes, everyone like the feeling of being appreciated.

3. Feedbacks and the complete rate

If you are a employer, do you want your project failed? No one wants. So we will check the feedbacks and complete rate. A low complete rate means someone always gives up jobs which have been awarded to him.

So you can understand the difficuty to win the first bid. The employer will make the decision after he has viewed the first few bids of the list. And unfortunately, your bid will never be on top of the list, because the bids will rank by your feedbacks. Even if you pay for your bid on some of the freelance websites and get your bid to the top, you won't get the job. Because every employer knows you have paid, and you have no feedbacks. So in my opinion, I don't believe you can get a job by this way, and I believe no one wants to pay before they can earn.

So if you are a newcomer to the freelance website, you should understand you will never get a job for a long time, and most employers of these project wouldn't even see your bid. Don't worry, you should understand that your biggest obstacle today would benefit you in the future. Then, never give up, do your best to prepare your every bid. All you need is Patience and One Chance.

I am also a freelancer, and I had made a great effort on one of the freelance websites. One year later, I won my first job. And half a year later, I got the second job. Then several months later, I got the third. Don't believe in overnight success, you need efforts and time to make money.


After you have won enough feedbacks, you will get a better rank on the freelancers' list. You don't even need to bid on jobs. Jobs will come to you. But before this, you have to understand the true meaning of efforts. Many people give up during the difficult time. So hold while other people can't do, will lead you to the success.

That's the way how I make my money. Good luck to everyone who is making great effort to make money.


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