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How to Win Black Friday

Updated on November 17, 2016

Black friday

We all know that Black Friday is a time to get a deal.

Ah yes, it is again that time of the year where we sit down with our families and loved ones to think about what we are thankful for. SO LETS FOLLOW IT UP BY BUYING EVERYTHING WE DON'T HAVE!!! These are my tips and tricks to surviving the mayhem of Black Friday while still getting the best deals, while navigating the crazed parents trying to score an XBox for their kids.

Step 1: Naps and Caffeine

As silly as this sounds, most of us have just consumed more food during Thanksgiving Dinner than we would in about 2 days. Nobody likes to be groggy and lethargic, especially when thrown into the chaos of door busting sale mongers. A post turk-pocalyptic nap can do the body good, especially when followed up with a nice big 4 shot caramel macchiato.


Step 2: Squad Up

"This is about to get real heavy Doc!" Marty McFly knew that he needed a crazy companion and the perfect ride when he went on his wild adventures and you do too! Black Friday shopping can go either one of two ways. It's a blast with a good friend, or it is a nightmare. There are multiple things that play into finding the perfect battle buddy.

  1. You can keep each other entertained while waiting in line
  2. You are both out to have fun
  3. Between you, someone has an SUV
  4. You are willing to compromise, divide, and conquer

Having an SUV is important. Sometimes you may go out and get in line with 3 friends and all that you want is a laptop. As you get to the electronics department in a non frantic manner with your buddies, there are two 55" 4k TVs left for $450... Rock, Paper, Scissors.... Just like that now you have to squeeze two more HUGE TVs into the back of the car (see, it pays to be prepared).


What did he say? Avoid the big stores? YES! Over the past 10 years, Black Friday has drastically changed. Stores like Best Buy were once the best destination for your crazy deals, but over time big stores have become the place to get an amazing price on a low quality generic product. You will see the great deals at Walmart for a 55" TV for $300, but when you get there it is made by an off brand like Element and the picture quality is terrible. Don't fall for these terrible traps.

Looking for the best deal on an Xbox? Go to the Microsoft Store! Think about it, they make it, they don't have to buy it from anyone, they are going to have the best blow-out deals possible. Same thing for any of their Signature Edition laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. I have made out like a bandit at the Microsoft Store, buying well made name brand electronics and without fighting off hoards of price slashing zombies.

Another great option is going to you wireless provider. At&t and Verizon Wireless both have crazy deals on phones, items like headphones, drones, and wireless speakers; for the most part these are all anyone wants these days anyway. I would advise checking out these low traffic areas and save yourself the headache.


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    • profile image

      Mike 9 months ago

      I never would have thought to go to the microsoft store... I guess it makes a lot of sense.