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I need money: How to ask for a raise

Updated on July 3, 2010

I need money: How to ask for a raise

I need money: How to ask for a raise

So there you are at the end of the month and notice that your pay is not covering your expenses anymore.  What are you going to do?  You will not sacrifice spending; it makes you feel good. So there has to be another way to cover your backside.  This is where asking for a raise comes into play.

Here are a few ways on how you should ask for a raise:

Show that you are important to the company --  Companies are all about making money, right?  Why not show the company you are working for how important you are by revealing how much money you save them?  Put together some numbers and a few graphs.  Take your "proof" with you to your employer and show it to them. Now with these facts, you will be able to ask for a raise because you would be worth it to the company....  If they don't budge, move to the next step.

Make an example of the competitors -- There has to be many jobs out there that are similar to your own.  Why not find out what those people are getting paid?  See if those competitors are getting paid more than you.  If you find out that you are getting paid less than those competitors, bring it up to your employer.  If your employer still doesn't budge, move to the next step.

Take drastic measures -- So you have tried to prove your importance and showed that you are under paid.  See if the companies cares about that; see if your company cares about you.  The way to do this is by THREATENING TO QUIT.  If they care about what you have to offer the company, they will then consider your raise request.  If they still don't budge, it is time to pack your bags and leave that organization.  Who wants to work for a company that just doesn't care?  But don't fret, there is still one more way to get a raise.

Start doing your research -- Maybe if you can't get raise with that company, it is time to find another job that offers more.  You can do this by looking into different jobs in your area.  There are a lot of jobs out there.  If you are worth it, you will get that "raise" at another place of employment.  Good luck with your search.

So let's say that you try these steps and they didn't help you get a raise.  Maybe you will have to cut back on the way you are spending.  The idea is:  if you can't get more, reduce so that there is more to work with.  Therefore, if you can't get the raise, reduce your cost of living.  That's all.


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