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Health Insurance: If tombstones told the truth we'd all be buried at sea

Updated on September 17, 2013

Timely look at Health insurance

Health Insurance-Don't ask me why but President Bush's routine Colonoscopy a few weeks ago got me thinking about people I have known that have had cancer. One neighbour I had went to the Doctor straight away and was subjected to the most invasive of treatments. Of course he had top of the range Health Insurance and Income protection insurance to boot. So in fact the 12 month's that he was incapacitated did not cost him much. At least financially that is. Another neighbour who I befriended got mouth cancer. And it was terrible for me to see her deteriorate so quickly. She refused to see a doctor. Until the prognosis was irreversible. She died about four month's later of the cancer. Cancer of the mouth is the most horrible of conditions. In a way it was most Fortunate that following the onset her cancer her death was relatively quick. two to four month's. She was still quite young only fifty one. She was a prolific smoker. And lit up to the very end. even when yellow pus was leaking from the inside of her mouth. Anyway sorry about that.

Yes where was I. I went to the funeral and many great things were said in the memorial service about what a great person she was. How she brought up two children by herself in the most difficult financial circumstances. being on a single mothers pension.

I could not help wondering what was missing. The memorial service as they are are not a warts and all version of events of a persons life nor should they be. As Bob Hawke our former Prime Minister would say.;But rather a synopsis of the persons positive contribution to life.

Weeks following her death there was an obvious bum fight between the relatives on who owns and was left what in her estate..Not something one cares to witness.

Anyway I guess the moral in this article is if you have symptoms get treatment straight away. If you've got health insurance great. Moreover if you can afford income protection insurance that s even better.

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      Helen Sims 9 years ago

      I think that that's a good moral. Colonoscopies may not be pleasant, but they are a good way to look inside and check to see if a person has any problems. It is so sad about your friend and how her death may have been prevented if she hadn't ignored those early symptoms. I applaud Bush for getting a colonoscopy. Please check out for more questions relating to colonoscopies.