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Insurance for Kidnap, Alien Abduction, Against Getting Diabetes, Wedding or Other Unusual Insurances

Updated on January 16, 2015

Insurance is not just for homes and automobiles. Insurance can be for any eventuality no mater what. Insurance for Alien abduction is relatively cheap, but the payouts are huge on proof of alien abduction or alien kidnap.

Many insurance companies offer insurance against kidnap when on holiday. Korea, Africa, and Afghanistan are among some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Kidnap insurance is also a less expensive alternative compared to the consequences of not having the ransom money at hand.

These countries are referred to as danger zones and kidnap insurance secures ransom money if a person is kidnapped by fundamentalists, insurgents or any other group or person.

Kidnap Insurance

Many children are the targets of kidnap plots. In Spain and other parts of Europe, kidnappers will trail a child for a week learning their walking habits to and from school.

They will then kidnap the child and demand a ransom based on the value of the car the family drive and the average cost of the home they live in. Ransoms range from 2,000 to 25,000 euros.

Hot spots such as Iraq and Iran and others around the world are notorious countrys for kidnaps. Wages are much higher for foreign workers working in these countries as there is danger money included.

Kidnap insurance is readily available for these workers and includes many financial benefits. The ransom demanded may be paid to ensure the safe return of the kidnap victim.

Out of pocket expenses and other costs including the hiring of professional kidnap negotiators and translators, as well as possible travel expenses are all covered under many of the insurance policies for kidnap.

Alien Abduction Insurance

Insurance for Alien kidnap has become more popular as mankind strives to conquer space. The infinity and beyond insurance will payout if a person can prove, without a shadow of doubt, that they have been abducted by aliens from another world.

Nearly one million people around the globe have alien kidnap insurance policies. Alien encounters across the globe have always been reported, some with no evidence and some with forged proof.

But there are the unexplained phenomenon occurrences which have been witnessed by commercial and world air forces pilots, pedestrians, and people from all walks of life including confused air traffic controllers.

Many of these incidents are brushed under the carpet with an air of secrecy. But a policy which pays out against being kidnapped by aliens will ensure a massive payout.

Wedding Day Fire Insurance

Wedding Insurance

Brides and grooms can insure themselves against disasters that can happen during or prior to the wedding.

Insurance policies will cover the cost of a new wedding dress should the dress be ruined for the wedding ceremony. Food poisoning by the caterers, or the caterers simply not showing up can all be covered.

Under cheap wedding insurance policies, the breakdown of the wedding cars, theft of wedding gifts, and even the vicar or priest failing to attend can be covered.

This type of insurance may be suitable for the person paying for the wedding. Some wedding insurance policies even take into account that the bride or groom does not show up. So being stood up at the alter could actually be a financial gain.

Insurance for weddings also cover the honeymoon, just in case of natural disasters, lost bookings or any other eventuality whilst the loving couple are on their honeymoon.

Lightening Insurance

Any person can get insured against being struck by lightening. Lightening is a common factor in adverse weather conditions.

Some people have been struck by lightening many times, but forgot to insure themselves first. Lightening can kill a person when they are struck by this mighty bolt of electricity from above, but most are not.

A strike by lightening may have adverse affects on a person which financial help could rectify. Hospital treatment and future problems such as shock or flashbacks may require additional medical or psychological help. The insurance will pay out for these eventualities.

Acts of God

This is such a massive grey area with the insurance companies. Acts of God are never covered, and proving that a mishap was not an act of god can be exhausting, whether you believe in God or not.

No-one seems to know what an act of God is or entails. But insurance companies, to save themselves from paying out, would say anything was an act of God with the exception of a scientifically proven accident.

Proving God exists is not the issue, proving how an accident was caused is.

Diabetes Insurance

People with type 1 diabetes can get special life insurance. The insurance can cover for the loss of a limb or loss of sight which is more common with diabetics.

Not many insurance agents will cover this as they do not understand what grade 1 diabetes entails.

For diabetic insurance policies, always seek out a professional medical style insurance company. Ask your own physicians for advice on this.

As always, read the small print in any contract prior to signing.


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