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Internet Resources for Retirees

Updated on January 30, 2017

Atlantic Sunrise©

Atlantic Sunrise by George Strout
Atlantic Sunrise by George Strout

If you are reading this site, I assume you are familiar with the Internet and can get around fairly well. Here are some resources for retirees that may be helpful. No doubt, some of these you will already be familiar with but, hopefully, I can give you one or two you had not found yet.

The biggest concerns for most retirees are probably money and health so let us look at those first.

Other places to check are your local bank’s website and whoever administers your retirement plan.

Two caveats however:

Remember that most of these places have something to sell you. That does not mean their advice and ideas are not good; you just have to remember what their motivation is and make up your own mind.

Also, you do not have to leave you IRA or 401k with the administrator that your company provided. Shop for the best deal on administrative costs and investment performance and make up your own mind. No one has your interests at heart quite as much as you do.

Health and Insurance

Again, one of the best sources of information, is the website of your carrier. Some of the leading ones are:

You can usually do a search and find your particular carrier.

Also, take a look at

This is by no means a complete listing of all the available resources but it is a start. Explore and you will find something of interest that fits your needs. The Internet can be a wonderful way to find new ideas and even new interest and friends. Just like the world outside your door however, you have to use caution and common sense and know who you are dealing with before you give out any information.


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    • profile image

      Jean Wise 7 years ago

      Web MD is one of the best sites for medical advice. Nice list, George

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      smart bright hub read thanks